Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 7 2004

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Clues Answers
'Biggers' sleuth CHAN
'That's not -- idea' ABAD
'The Good Earth' heroine OLAN
Admonisher's word DONT
Amorphous mass GLOB
Banshee's cry WAIL
Batter's tactic BUNT
Biblical witch city ENDOR
Billie Burke role GLINDA
Boast CROW
Bulb holder SOCKET
Civil War general Stuart JEB
Clears the decks? MOPS
Composer Schifrin LALO
Cyst WEN
Do-over on the links MULLIGAN
Egyptian writhers ASPS
Exist ARE
Facial feature CHIN
Flightless bird EMU
Florentine artist GIOTTO
Footnote abbr. IBID
Gets stuck JAMS
Greek consonants NUS
Holes 10-18 BACKNINE
Humdinger LULU
In favor of PRO
Khan title AGA
Lascivious LEWD
Liniment target ACHE
Lobbyists' org. PAC
Lotion additive ALOE
Clues Answers
Mason's field LAW
Olympic coaster LUGE
One of the Gershwins IRA
Parisian pal AMI
Pay attention MIND
Payable DUE
PC symbol ICON
Pinnacle ACME
Prescribed maximum LIMIT
Promptly NOW
Puppeteer Baird BIL
Regarding ANENT
Request ASK
Shows philanthropy ENDOWS
Siamese THAI
Singer Tillis PAM
Sound quality TONE
Succotash beans LIMAS
Tea party guest ALICE
Techie, typically GEEK
Tend texts EDIT
They give a hoot OWLS
Throw into the mix ADD
Topped 90 SPED
Turkish mountain IDA
Unpaid OWED
Water structures DOCKS
Way back when AGO
Welles role KANE
What a scratch golfer doesn't have HANDICAP
Wield a needle SEW
Wooden strip LATH