Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 28 2003

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Clues Answers
'Dies --' IRAE
'Heavens to --!' BETSY
'Jabberwocky' start TWAS
'SportsCenter' venue ESPN
'What's the big --?' IDEA
Alluring SEXY
Antoine Domino's nickname FATS
Assail BESET
Attack dog's command SIC
Barbershop request TRIM
Berlin's 'What'll --?' IDO
Bother ADO
Caesar co-star COCA
Call on VISIT
Centrifuge insert VIAL
Cicatrix SCAR
Competes VIES
Concen-tration FOCUS
Conger, for one EEL
Crucial KEY
Crystal gazer SEER
Curved molding OGEE
Data units BYTES
Deuce defeater TREY
Drive the getaway car ABET
Easier listening? SOFTROCK
Enthusiastic AGOG
Erstwhile Peruvian INCA
Favorable votes AYES
Females SHES
Figure head? (Abbr.) CPA
Clues Answers
Frivolous gal of song SAL
Georgia or Cal TECH
Hebrew month ADAR
Hindu preserver god VISHNU
Jam ingredients? CARS
Lisa's brother BART
Man-mouse link ORA
Membership SEAT
Midwestern airport OHARE
Mimic APE
More, to Manuel MAS
Muse's instrument LYRE
Needing a rubdown ACHY
Non-aggressive business approach SOFTSELL
Oliver Twist's entree GRUEL
Pay with plastic OWE
Pedicurist's targets TOENAILS
Platonic P RHO
Race place INDY
Rejoice EXULT
Somewhere out there AFAR
Stipend PAY
Tapless dance SOFTSHOE
The same (Lat.) IDEM
Ties up the phone GABS
Toyota subcompact ECHO
Tunisian port city SFAX
Unfaceted gem OPAL
War of 1812 battle site ERIE
Wears out EXHAUSTS
Wrong (Pref.) MIS