Universal - Jun 6 2002

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Clues Answers
"--- the land of the free ..." OER
"... gave --- only begotten Son" (John 3:16) HIS
"Father of the Bride" actor SHORT
"Hedda Gabler" dramatist IBSEN
"I told you so!" HAHA
"Isn't this fun?!" WHEE
"Tamerlane" poet POE
"The --- of Eddie's Father" COURTSHIP
"What a view!" OOH
--- diem PER
100 cents, abroad EURO
20th century struggle WWI
American Revolution supporter WHIG
Baseball's Dizzy DEAN
Blew violently RAGED
Broadway's longest-running musical CATS
Campfire drink COCOA
Carry the day WIN
Cold-weather forest TAIGA
Cooperate with the cops SING
Country music's McEntire REBA
Country surrounded by South Africa LESOTHO
Court figures REFS
Device for adding up the pounds SCALE
Election contests RACES
End of the pun GONETOWAIST
Endorsers in the church AMENS
Female cells OVA
Flexible part of a whip THONG
Folksinger Guthrie ARLO
Former NBA rival ABA
Giuliani, once MAYOR
Glitch SNAG
Golden Fleece carrier ARGO
Grasslike plant SEDGE
Gullible person SAP
Guy with a home on the range RANCHER
Help for a draining job? PLUNGER
Hippie musical HAIR
Clues Answers
Horse house BARN
Impolite remark DIG
Irregular ERRATIC
Island near Venezuela ARUBA
Jack and Jill, e.g. PAIR
John Wayne's birthplace IOWA
Kimono tie OBI
Knife eponym BOWIE
Lament RUE
Lemon addition ADE
List of choices MENU
Makes null and void NEGATES
Malarial fever AGUE
MBA course ECON
Molded ice cream dish BOMBE
Money for Mao YUAN
Moved along PROCEEDED
Org. in rights fights ACLU
Part 2 of the pun MEANSTHERESA
Part 3 of the pun SURPLUSTHATS
Prison wardress MATRON
Relinquish CEDE
Reward for a hit, maybe RBI
Scattered STREWED
Shake off EVADE
Shot target FLU
Slugger with 755 home runs AARON
Sob loudly BAWL
Southwest tableland MESA
Squabbles ROWS
Start of a pun about pounds AWEIGHTGAIN
Sun or moon ORB
Sunbather's goal TAN
Talk up TOUT
Tidies up the lawn EDGES
Tightly stretched TAUT
Up and at 'em RISEN
Vehement HEATED