New York Times - May 29 2002

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Clues Answers
'Belling the Cat' author AESOP
'Gibraltar may be strong, but ___ are impregnable': Emerson IDEAS
40-hour-a-weeker FULLTIMER
A Maverick BRET
Actor Milo OSHEA
Actor Stephen REA
Africa's largest country SUDAN
Brings to a boil? ANGERS
Capone's nemesis NESS
Carnival sight TENT
Cato's way ITER
Charlemagne's crowner LEO
Chip away ERODE
Choir's platform RISER
Cousin of a foil EPEE
Director Petri ELIO
Draw upon USE
Early computer language COBOL
End of the quote SHORTMEMORY
Event on a card BOUT
Facetious 'I see' AHSO
From ___ Z ATO
Full range GAMUT
Goal-oriented sorts ASPIRERS
Gregg expert STENO
Has to have NEEDS
Highway curve ESS
Ignorance, they say BLISS
Item for a fairy? TOOTH
Jewish month ELUL
Johnny of 'Ed Wood' DEPP
Kind of code PENAL
King of Judah ASA
Lahr co-star of 1939 BOLGER
Love of Livorno AMORE
Magazine store? ARSENAL
Clues Answers
Mal de ___ MER
Mama Cass ___ ELLIOT
Many end in .com SITES
Math computation AREA
Mideast bigwig EMIR
More meddlesome NOSIER
New Year overseas TET
Not the first transaction RESALE
Ones of the highest grade: Abbr. SRS
Other, in Acapulco OTRO
PC linkup LAN
Pick out CHOOSE
Quote, part 2 ADMIRABLEIN
Quote, part 3 POLITICSASA
Refuse SAYNO
Register ENROL
Resistance unit OHM
Reunion group KIN
Rocky hill TOR
Sacred song PSALM
Sander part BELT
Satan's doings EVIL
Showed over RERAN
Society stalwart PILLAR
Split to unite ELOPE
Start of a quote by John Kenneth Galbraith NOTHINGISSO
Stat for Sosa RBI
Summon PAGE
Surgically bind LIGATE
Switch's partner BAIT
Take care of SEETO
Times to call, in ads EVES
Trident-shaped letter PSI
Tried to stop from scoring DEFENSED
Unearthly EERIE
Valens who sang 'Donna' RITCHIE
Word of farewell AVE
Writer Fleming IAN