Thomas Joseph - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 1 2011

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Clues Answers
-- -garde AVANT
Acknowledges, in a way NODSTO
Arthur's son MORDRED
Attended WENTTO
Back on a boat AFT
Basketball's Holman NAT
Blvd.'s kin AVE
Bother ADO
Bother EATAT
Bullfight bulls TOROS
Candidate of 1996 BOBDOLE
City of northern Italy PARMA
Collectible cars EDSELS
Disloyal UNTRUE
Fellini's 'La --' STRADA
Clues Answers
Game hunt SAFARI
Hill builders ANTS
Lets stand STETS
Like New Year's Day ANNUAL
Losing schemes DIETS
Molten flow LAVA
New Year's Day game GATORBOWL
New Year's Day game SUGARBOWL
Paris street RUE
Place for a bump ONALOG
Showed nervousness PACED
Singer Sumac YMA
Started a pot ANTED
Warty one TOAD
Window section PANE