Universal - May 22 2002

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Clues Answers
''Cheers'' bartender Woody BOYD
''To --- it may ...'' WHOM
''When Doves ---'' (Prince) CRY
Ancient alphabetic symbol RUNE
As yet SOFAR
Atoner RUER
Barn adjunct, often SILO
Car starters IGNITIONS
Caustic agent LYE
CIA operative MOLE
Coat with gold leaf GILD
Cosmetic surgeon's supply IMPLANTS
Creeping colonists ANTS
Cross the threshold ENTER
Dealer's call ANTE
Diplomat's forte TACT
Disorderly condition MESS
Economist Greenspan ALAN
Elhi support groups PTAS
Emulate Cicero ORATE
Eye part IRIS
Fabulous finale? MORAL
Family lineage diagram TREE
Far East housemaid AMAH
Female lobster HEN
Fermented honey and water drink MEAD
Finn of literature HUCK
Firebug's intent ARSON
First symptoms ONSET
Force from office OUST
Foreboding OMEN
Fountain favorites SHAKES
Genghis or Kublai KHAN
Growing pains? BRATS
Illegal lending practice USURY
Imogene the comic COCA
Impostor PSEUD
Islamic leader IMAM
Clues Answers
It's followed by ''Who goes there?'' HALT
Jeff's comic partner MUTT
Kansas City stadium ARROWHEAD
Leftover for Fido ORT
Loch of Scotland NESS
Lummox OAF
Massachusetts cape ANN
Masses of prickly plants BRIERS
Met bass-baritone Simon ESTES
Middle of the quip ASSATISFYINGASA
Milan's La --- SCALA
Montana, for one JOE
Neglect school FAIL
Owl's call HOOT
Patterson of boxing FLOYD
Popular Chevy model IMPALA
Pre-1917 rulers TSARS
Restful resorts SPAS
Results of bull markets GAINS
Roget editions THESAURI
Rowel holder SPUR
Sailor's call AHOY
She can be lazy or black-eyed SUSAN
Smidgen IOTA
Son of Agrippina II NERO
South African pen for animals KRAAL
Squalid urban area SLUM
Stair step part RISER
Starchy Asian tuber TARO
Start up the PC BOOT
Sudden notion WHIM
Sultan's wives HAREM
Tamp a musket LOAD
Unusual partner? CRUEL
Very out of pocket POOR
Walk casually SASHAY
Word with room or dance TAP
Work-safety grp. OSHA