Universal - May 17 2002

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Clues Answers
''Candy is dandy...'' writer OGDEN
''From Here to Eternity'' actress KERR
''It Don't Come Easy'' singer RINGO
''Purple People ---'' (Sheb Wooley hit) EATER
''Robert E. Lee'' waiting spot LEVEE
''S'' shaped molding OGEE
''Tell me where is fancy ---'' (Shak.) BRED
''The Stilt'' of basketball WILT
--- moment's notice ATA
1930s dust bowler OKIE
9000 maker SAAB
Acknowledge your fans WAVE
Ad awards CLIOS
Affect emotionally TOUCH
Allowing alcohol WET
Appliance brand AMANA
Arctic mass FLOE
Baby's foot warmer BOOTIE
Bacteria used in genetics research ECOLI
Bard's preposition ERE
Be in arrears OWE
Bermuda notable ONION
Big city bane SMOG
Bird with a wild laugh LOON
Black-ink item ASSET
Bow of the silents CLARA
Callas selection ARIA
Camel dropping? ASH
Car lot bargains DEMOS
Carpet layer's measurement AREA
Cary Grant's real last name LEACH
Cash or property ASSET
Cerebellum section LOBE
Certain state symbol TREE
Cheerios alternative WHEATCHEX
Classic TV's ''That ---'' GIRL
Come by GET
Common mollusk SNAIL
Components of some campaigns ADS
Customary practice RITE
Da Gama destination INDIA
Danny's ''Taxi'' role LOUIE
Daughter's brothers SONS
Deteriorate through use WEAR
Divination practitioner SEER
Draft rating ONEA
Drug enforcer NARCO
Easy to lift LIGHT
Eccentricity ODDITY
Eight bits, but not a dollar BYTE
Emeril's appliance OVEN
End for end ING
Engaged in shenanigans UPTONOGOOD
Equal PEER
Every bit ALL
Extinct birds DODOS
Falco of ''The Sopranos'' EDIE
Fashioned into a sphere ORBED
Fi lead SCI
Finder's reward FEE
Fitzgerald of jazz ELLA
Fries' place ONTHESIDE
Gallery draw ART
Gentlemen's preferences, maybe BLONDES
Give the eye OGLE
Gloomy DOUR
Guinness World Record adjective OLDEST
Having seen better times DOWNANDOUT
He's the science guy NYE
Holiday forerunner EVE
Homer's love MARGE
Horizontal entrance to a mine ADIT
Insomniacs they're not SNORERS
Intro to Pedro SAO
Invitation from within ENTER
It attracts the birds and the bees PETAL
It makes a bit of a stir CELL
It may be split PEA
Clues Answers
It's low on a sports car CENTEROFGRAVITY
Jimmy, essentially LEVER
Jockey without a horse DISC
Jones of jazz THAD
Kind of doll VOODOO
Kind of man DOOR
Labor expert? MIDWIFE
Layered bulb ONION
Lennon's widow ONO
Less than always OFTEN
Less well ILLER
Lights out warning TAPS
Like most Serling stories EERIE
Limiting word UNTIL
Lindbergh flight, e.g. SOLO
Madras dress SARI
Magna --- CARTA
Map dot ISLE
Mary who married Abe TODD
No rocket scientist DENSE
Nobel ending IST
Not natural, perhaps DYED
One hundred percent ALL
One of two of a kind TWIN
One who cries foul REF
Opposite of aweather ALEE
Ozone problem HOLE
Parisian school ECOLE
Peter Pan pooch NANA
Pieces of fencing? EPEES
Pitching credit WIN
Pizarro's conquest PERU
Plantation lass BELLE
Pranksters WAGS
Present for the teacher APPLE
Prison weapons SHIVS
Pursue with passion WOO
Quick correspondence EMAIL
Revolver inventor COLT
Ribbon of pasta NOODLE
Roswell sighting, supposedly UFO
Russian villa DACHA
Sainted mother of Constantine HELENA
Senators and such POLS
Shakespearean villain IAGO
Shape MOLD
Show some muscle EXERT
Small recess NOOK
Smithy's device ANVIL
Snub-nosed dogs PUGS
Social dud MISFIT
Sound off RANT
Standards of excellence IDEALS
Styne, Cahn musical HIGHBUTTONSHOES
Supplicant's support, maybe KNEE
Tatters RAGS
The ''D'' in LED DIODE
They carry a charge IONS
This minute! RIGHTAWAY
Tupperware contents LEFTOVERS
Unctuous OILY
Units of currency in Denmark KRONER
Utter shrieks, as of cats YOWLS
Vengeful feeling SPITE
Verbal feistiness SASS
Well partner? ALIVE
Western Samoa money TALA
Where-at link ITS
Window sign OPEN
Winged goddess of victory NIKE
Winter clock setting in S.F. PST
Witch craft? BROOM
Word with China or European INDO
Workshop items TOOLS