New York Times - Apr 27 2002

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Clues Answers
'An Officer and a Gentleman' hero ZACK
'An Officer and a Gentleman' star GERE
'Bad Medicine' band BONJOVI
'Brave New World' drug SOMA
'Flowers for Algernon,' e.g. NOVELETTE
'Judging Amy' co-star TYNEDALY
Bad things to give away ENDINGS
Bobble GOOF
Case for a lawyer, say ATTACHE
Centers of activity LOCI
Cole Porter's '___ We Fools?' WERENT
Company with famous security ELAL
Days ___ INN
Deep blue ANIL
Doctor ALTER
Dolls with arms? GIJOES
Dulcimer's shape TRAPEZOID
Explorer of the Canadian Arctic RAE
Falkland Islands capital STANLEY
Filipino of northern Luzon ILOCANO
Followed ACTEDON
Ford's 'Six Days Seven Nights' co-star HECHE
Game also known as 'sevens' FANTAN
Gone wrong? AWOL
Gravelly ridge ESKER
He yielded to Leo I ATTILA
Heat unit? PIECE
It might be found in a rush ORE
It'll never fly EMU
It's good for the eyes VITAMINA
Itsy-bitsy biter GNAT
Kind of seat SENATE
Clues Answers
Like some injuries SPINAL
Like some memories FADING
Like some sgts. RET
Markets VENDS
Minus SANS
Offerer of child support? NANA
One-named 1970's singer MELANIE
Ordering option ALACARTE
Organ part PEDAL
Other alternative? SOMEONE
Overseas finale ZED
Pierre's here ICI
Port near Osaka SAKAI
Prefix with arthritis OSTEO
Prominent player FILMSTAR
Remainders RESIDUA
Runner Pippig UTA
Simulate, in a way REENACT
Site of some well-known steps ODESSA
Stand over DOMINATE
Star center SHAQ
Superhuman, in a way BIONIC
Tag sale tag ASIS
Teammate of 55-Down KOBE
They're Portuguese AZORES
Thin plates LAMINAS
Toughen INURE
TV pooch REN
Unemotional woman, slangily ICEQUEEN
Verizon competitor MCI
Water cannon target RIOTER
Weather ENDURE
___ halide ALKYL