Universal - Apr 15 2002

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Clues Answers
"--- a heart!" HAVE
"--- futher review..." UPON
"... Afternoon of a ---" (Debussy work) FAUN
"Unsafe at Any Speed" author NADER
"When I Need You" singer Leo SAYER
--- Lingus AER
9-Across, Mexican-style OTRO
A-muse? ERATO
Abominable creatures YETIS
Active European volcano ETNA
Arena officials REFS
Banjo-plucking Scruggs EARL
Blackthorn shrubs SLOES
Boulder's st. COL
Bungle BOTCH
Charles and Bolger RAYS
Coagulate CLOT
Comply with a command OBEY
Converts hide into leather TANS
Cooperstown's Slaughter ENOS
Cream sandwich OREO
Daniel or Pat BOONE
Decorative vase URN
Eschew the landfill RECYCLE
Father of Ramses II SETI
Filberts, e.g. NUTS
Flower's petals, collectively COROLLA
Future flounder ROE
Golan Heights claimant SYRIA
Grapple, rural-style RASSLE
Grounds crew tool HOSE
Having conflicting allegiances TORN
Having no doubt SURE
Heavy hammer MAUL
Ignorant or foolish person, in slang DOPE
Kind of code used every day AREA
Kind of shot FLU
Last word of "America the Beautiful" SEA
Clues Answers
Marsh growth REED
Middle of the pun DEDUCTIONONYOUR
Minks and sables FURS
More ill-mannered RUDER
Mythical enormous bird ROC
One of --- great mysteries LIFES
Oppositional prefix ANTI
Overwhelmed with jokes SLEW
Pear-shaped instrument LUTE
Pie-mode bridge ALA
Prepare green beans SNAP
Prevaricated LIED
Puccini specialty OPERA
Quality of irony WRYNESS
Recover from a setback RALLY
Roadway about-face UTURN
Run out on ABANDON
Sea eagle ERNE
Shakespearean king LEAR
Siesta NAP
Significant --- OTHER
Sister of 44-Across CLIO
Small songbird WREN
Snake tooth FANG
Space leader DEEP
Start of a pun ideal for April 15th USEYOURPOWERSOF
Sufficient, to Pappy Yokum ENUF
Symphonic finishes CODAS
TLC providers NURSES
Toast topping OLEO
Toscanini or Satie MAESTRO
Twinkling bear URSA
Warsaw denizens POLES
Was in the red OWED
Wash out with solvent ELUTE
Watchdog's warning GROWL
Widely known NOTED
Words before a million ONEIN