New York Times - Aug 2 1997

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Clues Answers
'Addicted to Love' director DUNNE
'Dream On' protagonist TUPPER
'There ___ atheists...' ARENO
'To boldly go where no man has gone before,' e.g. SPLITINFINITIVE
'WarGames' org. NORAD
Ankle-knee connector SHIN
Austin of 'Knots Landing' TERI
Bete's couleur NOIRE
Butterfly valve, e.g. DAMPER
Cartoonist with regular 'Advice fo' Chillun' CAPP
Catafalque BIER
Catherine the Great's successor PAUL
Ceremonial sport SUMO
Chip in, in a way ANTEUP
County of Redwood City, Calif. SANMATEO
Dupe SAP
Elated reaction HANDSPRING
Familiarize again REACQUAINT
First capital of unified Italy TURIN
Fish prepared in strips SCROD
Fluid container SAC
French articles UNES
Gumshoe SHAMUS
Hebrides language ERSE
Home-study vehicle TELECOURSE
Hotspur's slayer HAL
Independent AUTONOMOUS
Inspector Clouseau's valet KATO
Instrumental piece REED
Kind of jacket MAO
Kind of post PARCEL
King who ran for President, 1816 RUFUS
King ___ COBRA
Long ago YORE
Clues Answers
Loren's husband PONTI
Mischievous ARCH
Missile's payload container NOSECONE
Norse mariner ERIC
Out, in a way SPRUNG
Painter and teacher of Botticelli LIPPI
Palm starch SAGO
Plant also called lady's-finger OKRA
Pounds QUID
Propaganda, often LIES
Pueblo jar OLLA
Put it to ASKED
Rapacious seabird SKUA
Relative of 55-Across ERNE
Repetitious ITERATIVE
Shoe named for an antelope REEBOK
Site of Lake Kyoga UGANDA
Small spatulas SPREADERS
Someone celebrated TOAST
Spandau's last prisoner HESS
Start for cow, horse, lion, dog or wolf SEA
Stop daydreaming SNAPTO
Subject of the Seventh Commandment ADULTERY
Subsistence KEEP
Suffix for abnormalities OSES
They're in control of their faculties DEANS
This is sometimes shocking PINK
Together ONE.
Tonto and the Lone Ranger DUO
Tonto, to the Lone Ranger COMPADRE
Tot's vehicle TRIKE
Trevi toss-in LIRA
Walks like Claudius LIMPS
Weekly World News cover photo, maybe ALIEN
What honey-eaters eat NECTAR
Who's Who entries BIOS