New York Times - Apr 5 2002

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Clues Answers
'Anything for You' singer, 1988 ESTEFAN
'Little' car of song GTO
'Monsters, ___' INC
'The sweetest gift of heaven': Virgil SLEEP
1983 Randy Newman song ILOVELA
1990 N.C.A.A. basketball champions UNLV
Abbr. in many Québec names STE
Actress Anderson LONI
Ark welder? BOATMAN
As you like it TOTASTE
Barker SEAL
Beverage originally called Brad's Drink PEPSICOLA
Big media inits. BBC
Brawny fellers APEMEN
Bucko LAD
Buffalo's AAA baseball team BISONS
Classroom supplies ERASERS
Competent ABLE
Construction site sight IBEAM
Convertible SOFABED
Della's creator ERLE
Delt neighbor PEC
Demanding SEVERE
Destination of some mail: Abbr. APO
Dress option CASUAL
Drudge PEON
Dwell on BELABOR
Encounters trouble GETSINTOAPICKLE
Engine sound PURR
Garfield's vice president ARTHUR
Hard throw, in baseball PEG
Clues Answers
Historian Stephen AMBROSE
Innocent-looking CHERUBIC
Intimates PALS
It has a cover price of '$2.99 CHEAP' MAD
It helps pay for roads and schools STATETAX
It's empty NULLSET
Item graded AA, A or B EGG
Kick VIM
Last word of Missouri's motto ESTO
Lukas of 'Witness' HAAS
Mail Boxes ___ ETC
Man of many words WEBSTER
Neon, for one RAREGAS
New York and San Diego, e.g. HARBORS
Nipper's 'master' RCAVICTOR
Nyasaland, today MALAWI
Patriot's grp. AFC
Prefix with sex UNI
Ruth's was 2.28 ERA
Saltimbocca ingredient VEAL
Singer with the first gold record single COMO
Sky king AIRACE
Sleipnir's rider ODIN
Starting place STEPONE
Strays, perhaps CURS
Sunning sites CHAISES
Symbols for neutrinos NUS
Takes in HAS
Union activist Norma ___ Webster RAE
Unlikely to crack COOLASACUCUMBER
Uttar Pradesh city AGRA
W-2 info: Abbr. SSN
Wind up END
Wine bottles FLAGONS