Universal - Mar 23 2002

Clues Answers
''--- Believer'' Monkees hit IMA
''Danke!'' preceder BITTE
''Just Once'' singer James INGRAM
''Wake Up Little ---'' (1957 hit) SUSIE
''You Can't Take it With You'' playwright HART
--- de cologne EAU
--- Paulo (Brazilian city) SAO
A ''swish'' misses it? RIM
A fit of shivering AGUE
A path set aside for walking PASEO
A soprano may hit it HIGHC
Actress Verdugo ELENA
Alpaca's cousin LLAMA
Become hardened to INURE
Bol.'s neighbor ARG
Candidate for the brig AWOL
Certain male chicken CAPON
Church sections APSES
Comes up ARISES
Competed in a marathon RAN
Comptroller credential CPA
Designation for JFK airport INTL
Determine one's position ORIENT
Domesticated TAMED
Door type TRAP
Eat away ERODE
Enlarge WIDEN
False god BAAL
First generation Japanese-American ISSEI
Foreboding OMEN
Gelling agent from seaweed AGAR
General's command ASYOUWERE
Greek mountain peak OSSA
Hispanic American LATINO
Homer's first letter ALPHA
Hoo preceder YOO
House in the Swiss Alps CHALET
Clues Answers
Hughes' airline, once TWA
Improve, as text AMEND
It became the 23rd of 50 in 1820 MAINE
Kind of penalty, in golf TWOSTROKE
Lee, that nobody doesn't like SARA
Madre's brother TIO
Mayle's ''--- in Provence'' AYEAR
More foxy SLIER
More of the musing ITSPICTURETAKEN
Opposite of deter ABET
Paramedics give it AID
Partake of p¬Čte EAT
Pet food choice ALPO
Place for band practice, at school MUSICROOM
Problem with one's lid? STYE
Ranch worker HAND
Richest, as soups CREAMIEST
Robin's residence NEST
Rock's Jethro --- TULL
Santa --- winds ANA
Sawyer's transport RAFT
Scratching post scratchers CLAWS
Skylit lobbies ATRIA
Sound like a well-tuned engine PURR
Start of a country song? OSAY
Start of an amusing musing WHENCHEESEHAS
Stately tree ELM
Take care of yourself FEND
Tenseness treatment RUB
Test for fit TRYON
The P of RPM PER
They're needed for fencing EPEES
Those at meetings ATTENDEES
Tijuana treat TACO
Trivial PETTY
Trojan War prophetess CASSANDRA
What Santa's reindeer shouted out with? GLEE
Winston Cup grp. NASCAR