Universal - Mar 11 2002

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Clues Answers
''Ah, gotcha!'' ISEE
''Hogan's Heroes'' milieu STALAG
''Roots'' is one EPIC
Addams Family cousin ITT
Always EVER
Bachelor's last words IDO
Barney lovers TOTS
Be human ERR
Beastly bellow ROAR
Beggars want them ALMS
Bending readily LITHE
Bit of a giggle HEE
Bit of Japanese currency SEN
Broccoli bits SPEARS
Cads and bounders SCALAWAGS
Carpentry calculation AREA
Certain toast MELBA
Charisma or beauty ASSET
Choice word ELSE
Clapton's forte RIFFS
Create clutter STREW
DEA relative ATF
English kingdom's charm? ESSEXAPPEAL
Fragile papers TISSUES
Free of stress ATPEACE
Gentleman in Berlin HERR
Genuine REAL
Gets off the floor RISES
Gives substance to (with ''out'') FLESHES
Goodbye to Gucci CIAO
Got off a horse ALIT
Have being EXIST
Her mate HIS
Hometown of Malcolm X OMAHA
Horse color SORREL
Hot dog condiment RELISH
Clues Answers
Hot spot in Sicily ETNA
Infuriate ANGER
It has three legs EASEL
Kind of warfare GERM
Like hens' teeth RARE
Looks like a lecher LEERS
Ma plays it well CELLO
Make a break for it FLEE
Make an exit LEAVE
Mended SEWN
Most basic EASIEST
Occidental direction WEST
One source of oil OLIVES
Paramedics search for it PULSE
Part of Lauder's line of clothing? ESTEESHIRTS
Period of financial weakness SLUMP
Planet dwellers of filmdom APES
Poet Teasdale SARA
Prefix with bus or potent OMNI
Presidential partner FIRSTLADY
Prohibit, legally ESTOP
Propel a dory ROW
Red in the face IRATE
Retail security device CAMERA
Reveals, as fangs BARES
Rises dramatically, as a price SOARS
Saintly glow AURA
Southern pie filling YAM
Tanning aid SUN
The Riddler's former captive? ESCAPEDCRUSADER
Top guns ACES
Tortoise competitor HARE
TV adjunct VCR
Type of potato RUSSET
Undergarment SLIP
Vigilantly attentive ALERT
Wrestling threat SLAM
Your sister's daughter's brother NEPHEW