L.A. Times Daily - Jul 27 2011

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Clues Answers
"Still mooing," at a steakhouse RARE
"Yikes!" ZOWIE
"__ of Steel": '80s workout video BUNS
1-Across, usually IDOL
Above the strike zone HIGH
Aromatic firs BALSAMS
Banjoist Scruggs EARL
Ben-Gurion airline ELAL
Biblical birthright seller ESAU
Blair's predecessor MAJOR
Burn a dessert on purpose? FLAMBE
Bygone automaker OLDS
Case the joint, say ABET
Catch red-handed NAB
Cilantro, e.g. HERB
City on the Arno PISA
Counterterrorism org. FBI
Crew cut's opposite AFRO
Debate side PRO
Dedicated work ODE
Doggy bag item ORT
Emissary LEGATE
End of a common list ZEE
Escape hatch, e.g. EXIT
Fever cause FLU
Food with a Veterinary Formula IAMS
Getaway spots INNS
Go up the creek without a paddle? SWIM
Good on one's feet AGILE
Hamster's home CAGE
Happy tune LILT
Hard to get close to ALOOF
Helps out AIDS
Hold one's nose, perhaps STIFLEASNEEZE
In __ of: as a substitute for LIEU
Indian metropolis DELHI
It may be promised LAND
It's W of the Urals EUR
Jessica of "Fantastic Four" ALBA
Clues Answers
Justice appointed after Clarence RUTH
Long, long time AEON
Mass. hours EST
Memo header INRE
Miami couple? EMS
More than just butterflies FEAR
Orbital high point APOGEE
Pacific archipelago FIJI
People person CELEB
Personal theology elements BELIEFS
Pet owner's bane, and a hint to what's hidden in 17-, 26- and 42-Across FLEAINFESTATION
Plant used for first aid ALOE
Power strip inserts PLUGS
Prepares, as a hook BAITS
Prima donnas have big ones EGOS
Puts in a good word? EDITS
Religiously devoted PIOUS
Ring out PEAL
She had a big hit with "Thank You" in 2001 DIDO
Stink to high heaven REEK
Suck down SLURP
Sudden increase SPIKE
Suds source TAP
Talk Like a Pirate Day cry AARGH
They're fun to jump in PILESOFLEAVES
Thrift store stipulation ASIS
Throw for a loop FAZE
Toll-road toll unit AXLE
Tool used to create 42-Across RAKE
Ungentle giants OGRES
Volume BOOK
Watching the clock, perhaps BORED
Way, way off AFAR
Will Ferrell holiday comedy ELF
Woods has often been atop it GOLFLEADERBOARD
Word on some euros EIRE
Word processing command SAVE
__-frutti TUTTI