Wall Street Journal - Jul 15 2011 - July 15, 2011 - Dynamic Duos

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Clues Answers
'Evil Woman' band ELO
'Hold the rocks' NOICE
'I won't take ___ an answer' NOFOR
'Leaving on ___ Plane' AJET
'Revolution 9' collaborator ONO
'The Bourne Identity' org. CIA
'___ looks like a duck...' IFIT
'___ Nacht' (German sign-off) GUTE
...'At Last Papa's Got a Brand New Bag' ETTAJAMESBROWN
...'I Just Can't Help Believing She Blinded Me With Science' BJTHOMASDOLBY
...'I Kissed a Girl, Hot Diggity' KATYPERRYCOMO
...'Island Girl, Your Body Is a Wonderland' ELTONJOHNMAYER
...'Rock Me Gently, Bette Davis Eyes' ANDYKIMCARNES
...'Steppin' Out Lawyers in Love' JOEJACKSONBROWNE
2002 fed. law concerning election procedures HAVA
A seeming eternity EONS
Alamogordo's county OTERO
Anthem question CANYOUSEE
Arson evidence ASH
B flat equivalent ASHARP
Baja bye-bye ADIOS
Ballpark fig. EST
Be of good cheer REJOICE
Bikini blast HTEST
Brock or Gehrig LOU
Buffet unit PLATEFUL
Burger King's method of preparation? YOURWAY
Calendar divisions MONTHS
Calif. daily LATIMES
Call of the wild HOWL
Chooses as one's new hometown MOVESTO
City reg. ORD
Colgate lotion AFTA
Continental train ticketing service EURAIL
Country rocker Steve EARLE
Course after trig CALC
Cracked AJAR
Cry of achievement IMADEIT
Crystal-filled rock GEODE
Current TV co-founder GORE
Deadly biters ASPS
Destroys by degrees ERODES
Do a pit stop chore REFUEL
Driveway cover TAR
Duck, say REACT
Entire range GAMUT
Essential amino acid LYSINE
Fall away EBB
Family name on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' BARONE
First name in stunts EVEL
Flat fish RAY
Foldable reference MAP
Galley need OAR
General delivery? ORDER
Generates, as interest ACCRUES
Glass-roofed rooms SOLARIA
Good looker? EYER
Grievance BEEF
Group that might have the hit...'Handy Man Love Story' JAMESTAYLORSWIFT
Here, to Hernando ACA
Holes, to stamp collectors PERFS
Hoover rival ORECK
Hosp. areas ORS
Houston ballplayer, for short STRO
Huck's friend JIM
In a dull manner GRAYLY
In ___ (stuck) AJAM
Clues Answers
iPad maker APPLE
It transfers property without liabilities ASSETSALE
Lamb tenders EWES
Least hospitable ICIEST
Like some online videos VIRAL
Loaded with fat RICH
Location of many a resort SEAFRONT
Longtime Vegas headliner RICKLES
Loses a skin, say MOLTS
Mag. unit ISS
Medieval weapon MACE
Month after juillet AOUT
Most coll. applicants SRS
Mother of Antigone JOCASTA
Nascar sponsor SUNOCO
Nastase of tennis ILIE
Native Oklahoman OTO
Novel written by 29-Across TSOTSI
Observe NOTICE
Old Nair rival NEET
Peace pact ENTENTE
Petrol brand ESSO
Phoenix cagers SUNS
Pisa playhouse TEATRO
Planetary model ORRERY
Playwright Fugard ATHOL
Prototype flying auto of 1949 AEROCAR
Punjabi pastries SAMOSAS
QB's gains YDS
Quick cut SNIP
Resident of a west Texas city ODESSAN
Sales dept. workers AGTS
Schedule notations TBAS
Schubert's 'The ___-King' ERL
Scotland's longest river TAY
Seattle hrs. PST
Sends to the canvas KOS
Short plays ONEACTS
Short-antlered animal ROEDEER
Signals CUES
Singer Cass and family ELLIOTS
Skater Midori ITO
Spa sounds AAHS
Spanish Steps setting ROME
Sugars, suffix-wise OSES
Superlative ending IEST
Supine protest LIEIN
Swimmer's spot LANE
Talkative trucker CBER
Tape format VHS
The Mustangs' sch. SMU
Took the helm STEERED
Town on the Tappan Zee NYACK
Turbaned believers SIKHS
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' NIA
View from the Brooklyn Bridge EASTRIVER
Visualize IMAGINE
Volcanic crater CALDERA
Water-into-wine site CANA
When arguments begin? TRIALDATE
Word on overseas mail AVION
Words before match or light GOTA
Wrangler alternative LEE
___ Driftwood (Groucho role) OTISB
___ even keel ONAN
___ fide BONA