USA Today - Jul 13 2011

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Clues Answers
"Here ___ trouble!" COMES
"The Truman Show" star JIMCARREY
"___ give you the shirt off his back!" HED
"___ only trying to help!" IWAS
Actor born Archibald Leach CARYGRANT
Actress Longoria Parker EVA
Arrange, as a blind date SETUP
Bender JAG
Bushy-tailed scavengers RACCOONS
Capital of Japan? YEN
CAT ___ (medical procedure) SCAN
Clothing department BOYS
College cabbage handler BURSAR
Corrosive stuff from the sky ACIDRAIN
Design meaningful contrails SKYWRITE
Dot-___ (Internet startups) COMS
Dry with absorbent paper BLOT
Egg-shaped OVATE
Eggs, in biology OVA
Exemplar of blindness BAT
Flight deck guess ETA
Fork projections TINES
Gas pump abbr. of old REG
Gave utterance to VOICED
Hatchet-wielding anti-alcohol advocate CARRYNATION
He was Rose Kennedy's youngest TED
Immeasurably vast pit ABYSS
Indiana basketball pro PACER
Iris locale UVEA
Lennon's bride ONO
Like some thermometers ORAL
Measures of volume SONES
Mexican cactus, or the drug made from it PEYOTE
Misdeed SIN
More sudsy SOAPIER
New Zealand bird of the past MOA
Nylon stocking woes SNAGS
Org. involved in patient work? AMA
Pelvic bones SACRA
Clues Answers
Perform penance ATONE
Poems with six-line stanzas SESTINAS
Polished off ATE
Really impresses AWES
Reassures, in a way PATS
Responds to a stimulus REACTS
Rival of Revlon ALMAY
Rocky outcropping TOR
Rough around the ___ EDGES
Rounded molding OVOLO
Run ___ (rush about wildly) AMOK
Say aloud to be recorded DICTATE
Senior member DOYEN
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Site for a gargoyle EAVE
Some strands in a cell RNA
Something to shoot for PAR
Standards of behavior MORES
Symbol for Maine PINETREE
Tickled pink GLAD
Tightly wound TENSE
Too-deep sleeps COMAS
Took a load off SAT
Top-selling vocalist of the 1990s MARIAHCAREY
Try to win the hand of WOO
Turned right GEED
Unpopular bulk mailer SPAMMER
Very much a fan of INTO
Vigorous enthusiasm ELAN
Way to be divided UNEVENLY
Weep noisily BAWL
Western "necktie" NOOSE
With bills due OWING
Word unlikely to end a sentence THE
Yale student ELI
You've got your finger on it HAND
___ at ease ILL
___ Bora (Afghan mountain area) TORA
___ vera (medicinal plant) ALOE