- Jul 13 2011

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Clues Answers
''A Doll's House'' playwright IBSEN
''A likely story!'' HAH
''Anti-art'' art of yore THEDADAMOVEMENT
''Cats'' lyrics source ELIOT
''Hawaii Five-O'' locale OAHU
''I can do that for you'' LETME
''Suffice __ say . . .'' ITTO
''Was it a cat __?'' (palindrome) ISAW
Annexes ADDS
Apprehends NABS
Author Zola EMILE
Bath powder TALC
Birth-announcement phrase ITSABOY
Bread-loaf end HEEL
Brink EDGE
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Casino game KENO
Chihuahua chum AMIGO
Close by NEAR
Clues to pursue LEADS
Compete on ''American Idol'' SING
Competed in a slalom SKIED
Copper source ORE
Copperhead's weapon VENOM
County-fair feature RIDE
Cultural pursuits ARTS
Dashboard device CDCHANGER
Emotional tone MOOD
Fascinated by INTO
Flirtatious looks GOOGOOEYES
Food, so to speak EATS
Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
Frequent December addressee SANTA
From the keg ONTAP
Gives it a whirl TRIES
Golfer's accessory VISOR
Happy expression GRIN
Himalayas' home ASIA
Clues Answers
Horse sound SNORT
Hound healers VETS
How movies are often viewed ONDVD
Internet address starter HTTP
Ivy Leaguer YALIE
Jim who does ''Garfield'' DAVIS
Jury-__ (improvise) RIG
Letters on a brandy bottle VSOP
Lone Ranger exclamation HIYO
Melville mariner AHAB
Mideast sultanate OMAN
Motion detector, e.g. SENSOR
Muffin variety BRAN
Ominous DIRE
Paperless periodicals EMAGS
Parodied, with ''up'' SENT
Party drink PUNCH
Payroll ID, at times SSN
Pitcher's dream NOHITGAME
Ran in the rain BLED
Rum cocktail BAHAMAMAMA
Scrutinize, with ''over'' PORE
Selfish one HOG
Sluggish inlet BAYOU
Small valley GLEN
Spruce up a story EDIT
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Sunday newspaper section TRAVEL
Sushi chef's purchases EELS
Ticket remnant STUB
Told it like it wasn't LIED
Topple, as a ruler DEPOSE
Trudge through mud SLOG
Untangle SORTOUT
Used to be WERE
Walk haltingly HOBBLE
Weep audibly SOB
Weighty books TOMES
Well ventilated AIRY