New York Times - Feb 8 2002

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Clues Answers
'It's MY treat!' IINSIST
'Me too' SODOI
'That is so wrong!' NOSIREE
Barely get past SQUEEZEBY
Because of the challenge ONADARE
Bit for Miss Muffet CURD
Blessed, in a way FAVORED
Bottled gas PENTANE
Break down DISSECT
Break down FACTOR
Breakfast order SMALLOJ
Carbohydrate suffix OSE
Caretakers SITTERS
Cartoonist Browne DIK
Cattle genus BOS
Citation opener QUOTEMARK
Common links ANDS
Cook in a wok, maybe SAUTE
Cousin of 'Shucks!' DAMN
Cousin of baseball ONEOCAT
Door sign MEN
Dress (up) TOG
Evidence of change ERASURE
Expensive fur REDSABLE
Fancy, as a restaurant HAUTE
Gazebo framework LATTICE
Get wild FLIPOUT
Healthful food ad claim LESSSALT
Help for a long shot ZOOMLENS
Is defeated by LOSESTO
It may be polished RICE
Kind of way HARMS
Like final manuscripts RETYPED
Clues Answers
Like some glasses BIFOCAL
Loc. ___ CIT
Mannequin FORM
Many a retiree OLDSTER
Midwest city whose name means 'hospitality' XENIA
More than a scuffle MELEE
Mouths (off) SPOUTS
Not leave alone DWELLON
Once and again TWICE
Part of many a bus. address POBOX
Parting words ADIEUX
Pear variety BOSC
Pie choice PECAN
Places for muezzins MOSQUES
Restraint LIMITER
Shar-___ (wrinkly dog) PEI
Slightly ATRIFLE
Soap maker since 1882 JERGENS
Some 'JAG' roles: Abbr. LTS
Some take a licking OREOS
Some Vivaldi music MOTETS
Sudden blow GUST
Suffix with Roman ESQUE
Supplementary: Abbr. AUX
Taconite or siderite IRONORE
They: Fr. ILS
Union label? YANKEES
What's not done yet BACKLOG
Where Illinois and Vermont are MONOPOLY
___ Becker of 'L.A. Law' ARNIE
___ Schwarz FAO
___-Jet (winter vehicle) SNO