- Jul 9 2011

Clues Answers
''Bal'', for one DANSE
''Cinderella'' stepsister ANASTASIA
''Entourage'' character ARI
''Joy to the World'' songwriter AXTON
''Of course'' ISEE
''To the last I grapple with thee'' speaker AHAB
''__ here'' SAME
''__ victoria curam'' (victory loves preparation) AMAT
Backbone of Pakistani agriculture INDUS
Bags, so to speak STRONGSUITS
Barcelona bloomer FLOR
Battalion ldr. LTCOL
Be too generous with OVERSTATE
Beneficiary of Hera's protection ARGO
Bidirectional INOUT
Body part TORSO
Celebratory exchanges FISTBUMPS
Common notes ONES
Crosses, in a way FORDS
Different ELSE
Dismisses BOOTS
Dreams Come True Parade VIP MINNIEMOUSE
Elevated for driving TEED
Enterprise subsidiary ALAMO
Erratic SPOTTY
Find, with ''up'' SCARE
First Prophet of Islam ADAM
Gentleman SIR
Gossamer LACY
Hand-colored frame CEL
Inverse of giga- NANO
It leads to a trap GARBAGEDISPOSAL
It may be opposite X IIII
Joints near shoulders ROADHOUSES
Key chain ISLETS
Clues Answers
Leeds' Tropical World, e.g. ZOO
Letters for some carriers HMS
Literally, ''little sleeves'' MANICOTTI
Long-term appeal LEGS
Louis the Lazy, for one ROI
Luxembourg's Grand Duke HENRI
Made a pile CLEANEDUP
Master of the prop-laden sight gag HARPOMARX
Measures STEPS
Name derived from ''Aryan'' IRAN
Not at loose ends? KNOTTEDUP
Not at present ONCE
Not on the level ATILT
Org. with a serpent in its logo AMA
Parasailer's need TOW
Persian alternative ANGORACAT
Pick up NAB
Pledge of a sort TITHE
Put away STASH
Relatively free OPEN
Richard __ Cavett ALVA
Rock type EMO
Rotten nature CORRUPTION
Saints nos. YDS
Semolina source DURUM
Smooth operators LADIESMEN
Software agent BOT
Son of a Gun! Protectant maker STP
Studio session SHOOT
Summer center EMS
Tadpole, for example WRIGGLER
Throne-room staple TAPESTRY
Tone down MUTE
Two-time Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar winner PUZO
Water, e.g.: Abbr. UTIL