L.A. Times Daily - Jul 7 2011

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Clues Answers
"J'accuse" author ZOLA
"Swell!" NEAT
49-Down's partner MAMA
A conductor sets it TEMPO
A lot of nothing NILS
Abby and Martha, to Mortimer, in "Arsenic and Old Lace" AUNTS
America's first spy HALE
Beat it SPLIT
Biblical middle child ABEL
Big band wind TUBA
Blind section SLAT
Body in a belt ASTEROID
Book with drawings COMIC
Bread concern MOLD
Chorus line ALTO
City west of Tulsa ENID
Considerably FAR
Court allegations requiring consideration? ATTENTIONPLEAS
Courtroom cover-up ROBE
Directors' milieus SETS
DNA shape COIL
Douglas and Fraser FIRS
Elects OPTS
Exclaimed CRIED
Exempt attachment? ION
Fine cotton PIMA
Fine print in Yogi's contract? BEARCLAUSE
Firth or fjord INLET
Get the most out of MAXIMIZE
Gets along in years AGES
Good tennis returns INS
Hardly at all ATAD
Hershey's raw material CACAO
Ivory Coast neighbor MALI
Jamaican spirits RUM
Jamaican tangelo UGLI
Clues Answers
Like the lenses on some granny glasses OVAL
Many a '50s-'60s pop act DUO
Medium power? ESP
More than just eye-catching, clotheswise LOUD
Moving aid DOLLY
New Mexico resort TAOS
Not too hot SOSO
Oater joint SALOON
Place to take 27-Down FLAT
President known as "Big Bill" TAFT
Proclamation EDICT
Product liability problems for Willy Wonka? CHOCOLATETORTS
Prom dress TUXEDO
Range in seven countries ALPS
Sass LIP
Sat rocking, say IDLED
See 3-Down TEA
Senior Smurf PAPA
Shady growth MOSS
Show enthusiasm RAVE
Singular ONLY
Spanish filmmaker Almodóvar PEDRO
Subtle qualities AURAS
Tab, for one COLA
Tavern measure SHOT
Team with a lot of pull? OXEN
Tender touch CARESS
Test-taking tip? ERASER
Turnpike roller TIRE
Vague religious law? LOOSECANON
Valley DALE
What houses may be built on SPEC
Wheelset piece AXLE
Where to start playing a round TEE
Writing on an urn ODE
__ the finish INAT