L.A. Times Daily - Jun 26 2011

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Clues Answers
"Broadway Joe" NAMATH
"Crazy" singer CLINE
"Dreams From My Father" family OBAMAS
"For shame!" TSK
"Most likely ..." ODDSARE
"Mrs. __ Goes to Paris": 1992 TV film ARRIS
"Seascape" Pulitzer-winning playwright ALBEE
"Sexy" Beatles woman SADIE
"The Faerie Queene" woman IRENA
"The Swiss Family Robinson" writer WYSS
"Vive __!" LEROI
1978 medical thriller COMA
2006 World Cup winner ITALY
2010 Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton's alma mater AUBURN
Actress Dash of "Clueless" STACEY
Addison's publishing partner STEELE
Antarctic penguin ADELIE
Arafat's successor ABBAS
Aviation force THRUST
Bananas GONZO
Barely visible English pubs? BRITSPOTSONTHEHORIZON
Befuddled ATSEA
Bit of schoolyard disagreement AMSO
Bo's'n's quarters FOCSLE
Branch of zool. ENTOM
Clerical vestments ALBS
College address ending DOTEDU
Come to terms SETTLE
Comic who wrote jokes for JFK SAHL
Country mail rtes. RFDS
Covert fed. group CIA
Cry of exasperation AARGH
Desists HALTS
Direct FRANK
Doctors' works THESES
Expensive outing, probably SPREE
Former 49ers coach Bill WALSH
Full of pitfalls RISKY
Goes on strike, in slang WALKS
Grey Goose competitor SKYY
H.S. subject HIST
Harem rooms ODAS
Has the stage ISON
He-Man's twin sister SHERA
Humane Soc. ally SPCA
Hypothetical ACADEMIC
Immortal wife of Francesco del Giocondo MONALISA
In an animated way BOUNCILY
Incursions RAIDS
Indian lentil stew DAL
IRS info SSN
Is favorable to SMILESON
It precedes 81-Across SET
Item on a rack TOWEL
Juan's ones UNOS
Let off steam VENT
Like some items in downloads NONSECURE
Like the larger-eared elephant AFRICAN
Clues Answers
Long riding coat DUSTER
Longship crewmen NORSE
Look for help from TURNTO
Loses everything BUSTS
Low cost pay-per-view match? BOUTFORASONG
Maid concerns METERS
Milk: Pref. LACTO
Mineral suffix ITE
Most convinced SUREST
Muffin choice OAT
Mutton fat SUET
Not a dup. ORIG
Opens with effort, as a window UNSTICKS
Oscar winner Sorvino MIRA
Pass off (on) FOIST
PC linkup LAN
Pennsylvania's state dog GREATDANE
Philosophies ISMS
Place for a donut TRUNK
Plumber's alloy SOLDER
Plus AND
Poe's "Annabel __" LEE
Promote at work ELEVATE
Regs. STDS
Remote button REW
Reuben essential SWISS
Ristorante red CHIANTI
Rodeo ride BRONC
Seemingly forever AGES
Shoe parts SOLES
Small spade TREY
Sommer of cinema ELKE
Sported HADON
States as fact SAYSSO
Steinway competitor YAMAHA
Stuff in a box on the street SNAILMAIL
Summer coolers ICES
Sun Valley visitors SKIERS
Talus joint ANKLE
Tapir features SNOUTS
Tea biscuit SCONE
Tennyson's Enoch ARDEN
Tightwads MISERS
Top of the morning? ONEAM
Turn down in an ugly way SPURN
Turn-of-the-century year MCM
Uncovers a serious flaw in municipal building plans? CANTFITCITYHALL
Unfitting INAPT
Unforgettable louse? ANITTOREMEMBER
Victorian PRIM
Volcanic rock BASALT
Volleyball coup SPIKE
Waiting for tech support, often ONHOLD
Waterway for sinners? STRAITTOHELL
Way to the top TBAR
Westchester, N.Y., college IONA
Where to get a copy of "The Communist Manifesto"? REDLITDISTRICT
Wild vacations? SAFARIS
Words with bike or wave RIDEA
Worker with a pad STENO
Works without __ ANET
__ Island, N.Y. STATEN