USA Today - Jun 20 2011

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Clues Answers
"The Greatest" boxer ALI
"The ___ Syndrome" (1979 movie) CHINA
Account exec. REP
Annual high school dance PROM
Art ___ DECO
Assembly hall AUDITORIUM
Barbecue or tomato SAUCE
Bard's "always" EER
Bugs Bunny is one HARE
Canned ham glaze ASPIC
Cantankerous ORNERY
Cap with a pompon TAM
Celebrate boisterously PAINTTHETOWN
Central Illinois city PEORIA
Chime sound TING
Common Market abbr. EEC
Dermatology problem ACNE
Divorce SPLIT
Drainpipe bend TRAP
Dungeon description DANK
Dwelling places ABODES
Egg on URGE
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Eighty-six TOSS
Emerald or aquamarine BERYL
Face up to, as a challenge MEET
Field goal score THREE
Footballer's protection PADS
Formal reception area DRAWINGROOM
Groundbreaker HOE
Hairiest cousin you've ever seen ITT
Have financial obligations OWE
Historical times ERAS
Honeybunch SWEETIE
Houston-to-Boston dir. ENE
Infernal writer? DANTE
It may have an attachment EMAIL
Clues Answers
Kristen's "Twilight" role BELLA
Laid-back MELLOW
Lifter at a funeral PALLBEARER
Mount the soapbox ORATE
Org. that's out to launch? NASA
Org. with an influential journal AMA
Outline of an improv routine? SKETCHCOMEDY
Parts of a tea set CUPS
PC linking system LAN
Perfumes with a joss stick CENSES
Potato state IDAHO
Prefix for "European" or 21-Down INDO
Projection on a basilica APSE
Seasonal illness FLU
Shopping cart contents ITEMS
Subject to legal damages LIABLE
Swampy ground MIRE
Teensy WEE
Tennis player's necessity RACKET
Terse bar order SAME
That lady HER
Three-toed bird of the pampas RHEA
Toast to one's health PROSIT
Toward the stern ABAFT
Toy building block brand LEGO
Tuning fork's output TONE
Turkish monetary unit LIRA
Type of milk SKIM
Type of reflection INWARD
Type of water-based paint TEMPERA
Upscale living quarters CONDO
Weaving apparatus LOOM
Wins over ENDEARS
Worker over the Christmas vacation, perhaps TEMP
Writing points STYLI
Yet to occur INSTORE
___ Xing PED