- Jun 19 2011

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Clues Answers
''Boardwalk Empire'' network HBO
''Casablanca'' studio WARNERBROTHERS
''Julie & Julia'' director EPHRON
''M*A*S*H'' quarters TENT
''My word!'' OHDEAR
Abate, wth ''up'' EASE
Acknowledge applause BOW
Actor Epps OMAR
Addison's publishing partner STEELE
Admit, with ''in'' LET
Adolescent TEENER
Air-pressure letters PSI
Ambassador confirmer SENATE
Animal nose SNOUT
Approves of OKS
Apt starter for the first word of the longest answers POP
Average mark CEE
Ballerina garb TUTU
Bat wood ASH
Be next to ABUT
Became bitter SOURED
Belly TUM
Best-available TOPOFTHELINE
Black's partner DECKER
Blossom holder STEM
Boardinghouse client LODGER
Bookkeeping books LEDGERS
British royal name EDWARD
Calendar abbr. TUE
Cartoonist Goldberg RUBE
Catch in a trap ENSNARE
Certain horticulturist ROCKGARDENER
Chihuahua cheer OLE
Collection in a cooler SODAS
Compel FORCE
Cop-show plot element DRUGDEAL
Country singer Evans SARA
Cuban money PESO
Cut (off) LOP
D-day commander's nickname IKE
Devour EATUP
Div. SEG
Diva's big moment ARIA
Dot in the sea ISLET
Drink with dim sum TEA
Emcee's duty INTRO
Emphasis ACCENT
Equestrian gear TACK
Equine gaits TROTS
Finance degree MBA
Fire proof EMBERS
Flow slowly SEEP
Folded food OMELET
Folktales LORE
Food-pyramid letters RDA
Frat letters NUS
Fun ending FEST
Gang's territory TURF
Generally ASARULE
Get better HEAL
GI hangouts USOS
GPS reading NNE
Guides rides STEERS
Gymnast Mary __ Retton LOU
Harry Potter's pal RON
Hearty and healthy HALE
Hosp. areas ERS
HS junior's exam PSAT
Icemen's org. NHL
Clues Answers
Informal greeting YOOHOO
Infuriation IRE
Invitation request PRESENCE
Irish new age singer ENYA
Iroquois League members SENECAS
Is in a cast ACTS
Is sorry for RUES
It may fill a paddy wagon RICE
Jostles ELBOWS
Justice Dept. agency ATF
Ken Follett thriller EYEOFTHENEEDLE
Lapwing relative PLOVER
Last movement FINALE
Letter embellishment SERIF
Like a dull party LIFELESS
Lyricist's writings WORDS
Mail away SHIP
Make purer, perhaps REFILTER
Many-acre residences ESTATES
Marsh wader EGRET
Musician's asset EAR
Narrow the gap RALLY
Natural light show AURORA
One voted in ELECTEE
Optimistic ROSY
Oscar __ Renta DELA
Paperless correspondence EMAILS
Paranormal ability ESP
Penalty caller REF
Physicist Mach ERNST
Piece of okra POD
Places of privacy RETREATS
Places to roll, it's said AISLES
Poor review PAN
Prefix like equi- ISO
Pride partner JOY
Pronoun often applied to cars SHE
Provide the impetus for URGE
Quite a ways out FAR
Recipe abbr. TSP
Right-angle shape ELL
River between China and North Korea YALU
Rock singer Joan JETT
Satirical writer P.J. OROURKE
Schwarzenegger film of '94 TRUELIES
Scrolls through an e-book READS
Scrub a mission ABORT
Seafood serving SOLE
Slightly ABIT
Soft mineral TALC
Sort of stock purchase ODDLOT
Spy's acquisition, for short INTEL
Start of MGM's motto ARS
Stead LIEU
Stressed type: Abbr. ITAL
Swashbuckling activity DUEL
Tanning lotion no. SPF
Teamwork obstacle EGO
Thread for doctors SUTURE
Time delay LAG
Tough position SPOT
Unit of current COULOMB
United Airlines hub OHARE
Unruly hair MOP
Wear, so to speak SPORT
Whole lot TON
Wife of Jacob LEAH
Winter mist ICEFOG
__ instant (quickly) INAN
__-Magnon man CRO