Universal - Jun 18 2011

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Clues Answers
"Giant" writer Ferber EDNA
"My country, ___ of thee ..." TIS
"There ___ stupid questions ..." ARENO
180 degrees from WSW ENE
Bert's "Sesame Street" buddy ERNIE
Bird in the finch family SERIN
Came down in buckets RAINED
Carryall bags TOTES
Certain canonical hours SEXTS
Cordwood measure STERE
Difficult obligation ONUS
Dry cleaner's employee IRONER
Experience one more time RELIVE
Extra-cost item ADDON
Failed to keep cool LOSTCONTROL
Former ember ASH
Four Corners state UTAH
Genesis figure said to have lived 905 years ENOS
Goes for the rebound LEAPS
Half of a TV transmission AUDIO
Hive material BEESWAX
Intense rage IRE
Letters on a tire PSI
Like ripe peaches JUICY
Lost on the battlefield MISSINGINACTION
M16's American counterpart CIA
Margaret Mitchell's best-seller GONEWITHTHEWIND
Marlin's milieu SEA
One way to make a PBS pledge PHONEIN
One-time marriage vow word OBEY
Opposite of cool UNHIP
P, in the Greek alphabet RHO
Peg under a dimpled ball TEE
Photo ___ (campaign events) OPS
Play mounter STAGER
Prior to, in poetry ERE
Robber's demand HANDSUP
San Francisco Hill NOB
Clues Answers
Sent out ISSUED
Spots to find dates in the desert? OASES
Stovetop item PAN
Suburb of Los Angeles POMONA
Suffix for "Japan" ESE
Sunbathing result TAN
Supermarket checkout action SCAN
Tape deck button EJECT
The Sultan of ___ (Babe Ruth) SWAT
Thread's partner NEEDLE
Tidal flood EAGRE
Tool for plasterwork TROWEL
Triumphed WON
Tuscan tourist town SIENA
Type of flower TEAROSE
Type of orange NAVEL
Type of rug ORIENTAL
Uncle of rice fame BEN
Underwater detection systems SONARS
Unlike matzo LEAVENED
Unnamed people or things ONES
Unrepentant individual, Biblically SINNER
Untidy condition MESS
Vatican City VIP POPE
Volcano of Sicily ETNA
Warning bell TOCSIN
Wedding ring or musicians BAND
Whale tale with Bo Derek ORCA
Wharton's Frome ETHAN
Where pints are poured TAVERN
Wine type RED
Winning trio? ENS
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Word before maiden names NEE
Work hard to look beautiful PRIMP
___ gin fizz (bar order) SLOE
___ Lizzie (Model T) TIN
___-hour traffic RUSH