- Jun 16 2005

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Clues Answers
''Beg pardon . . .'' AHEM
''Cat's in the Cradle'' singer CHAPIN
''Moving right __ . . .'' ALONG
''__ 'er up!'' FILL
'60s elementary-school innovation NEWMATH
2005 coin with a bison NICKEL
A Stooge MOE
Afghan capital KABUL
Allergy symptom ITCH
At lunch, maybe OUT
Aussie missile BOOMERANG
Beneath the deck BELOW
Burns' partner ALLEN
Business card abbr. TEL
Calendar pgs. MOS
Census figure POPULATION
Circus site ARENA
Cockpit fig. ALT
Comrade in arms ALLY
Creme-filled cookie OREO
Dhaka's land BANGLADESH
Director Lee ANG
Discombobulate ADDLE
Earth mover SPADE
Entrepreneur-aiding org. SBA
Explosive situation POWDERKEG
Fat Tuesday follower LENT
Flight word form AERO
Gauchos' weapons BOLAS
German composer MAHLER
Ghanian capital ACCRA
GPA spoilers DEES
Had the nerve DARED
Had title to OWNED
Have to have NEED
Held up BORNE
Holiday rival RAMADA
In the past ONCE
Clues Answers
Job detail, briefly SPEC
Largish combo OCTET
Lend support to BACK
Like some situations NOWIN
Mama __ Elliot CASS
Merchant ship ARGOSY
Nephew of Donald HUEY
Not as dense SPARSER
Oracle site DELPHI
Paperless test ORAL
Part of TGIF FRI
Part to play ROLE
Pepperoni relative SALAMI
Perry's aide DELLA
Pitch in HELP
Printer's widths EMS
Provide funding for ENDOW
Rainbow array HUES
RR stop STA
Rum cake BABA
Russian legislature DUMA
Sarges' superiors LOOIES
Smidgen SKOSH
Snooty sorts SNOBS
Sprang up GREW
Square footage AREA
Stubble remover RAZOR
Stupefy ZONK
Swedish tennis great BORG
Touch or taste SENSE
Urban renewal target SLUM
Wear away ERODE
Whirling water EDDY
Whole bunches SLEWS
Will Smith title role ALI
Wine grape PINOT
Winter annoyance SLUSH
Wise about ONTO
__ uproar INAN