- May 20 2005

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Clues Answers
''Jo's Boys'' writer ALCOTT
''Star Wars'' princess LEIA
''These are the times that try men's souls'' writer PAINE
''Wherever He __'' (''Mack & Mabel'' song) AINT
A lot TONS
Actress Reid TARA
Affirmative votes YEAS
African antelopes GNUS
After-tax amount NET
Arm bone ULNA
Assns. ORGS
Back to school mo. SEPT
Barbarians BRUTES
Big mouth YAP
British gun STEN
Building units: Abbr. APTS
Chair part SLAT
Checkbook filler STUBS
Close by NIGH
Croons SINGS
Cut of meat LOIN
Diamond club BAT
Entertain AMUSE
Fastener SNAP
FDR successor HST
Film producer Ponti CARLO
Fluffy scarf BOA
Flutter FLAP
Golfer Woosnam IAN
Greenback BILL
Haberdashery buy TIE
Hearing, for one SENSE
Hold back for a time SITON
Home of the Orangemen SYRACUSE
Hwys. RTES
Ice-cream thickener AGAR
Iceman's instrument TONGS
Clues Answers
Imperfection FLAW
It may be on the table LINEN
Jeweler's weight CARAT
Kettle hanger POTHOOK
Late-night host LENO
Like Marilyn Monroe BLONDE
Like some circles INNER
Lively dance POLKA
Lively quality SPIRIT
Low digits TOES
Luggage attachment IDTAG
Lyric poems ODES
Make a choice OPT
Marshall or Scott GEORGEC
Misfortunes ILLS
Most up-to-date NEWEST
Nick's wife NORA
Oratorio solo ARIA
Parlor piece SPINET
Parrot name POLLY
Part of MPH PER
Persists LASTS
Pesky flier GNAT
Pollster's discovery TREND
Puffed BLEW
Religious images ICONS
Resolving, as differences IRONINGOUT
Revolutionary War arms MUSKETS
School on the Thames ETON
Sea dogs TARS
Slanted type: Abbr. ITAL
Something to clip COUPON
Sothern et al. ANNS
Spare hair WIG
Starts doing well GETSCOOKING
Vacation accommodations CABINS
Vaulted recess APSE
Vulcanized product TIRE
Winning big CLEANINGUP