New York Times - Jun 6 2011

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Clues Answers
'A Doll's House' playwright IBSEN
'Hannah Montana' star Miley CYRUS
'Shoo!' SCAT
'The game is ___': Sherlock Holmes AFOOT
'___ the bag' ITSIN
1,004, in old Rome MIV
1836 battle site ALAMO
1971 Jane Fonda/Donald Sutherland film KLUTE
Alternative to a clothesline DRYER
Armenia and Azerbaijan, once: Abbr. SSRS
Army unit TROOP
Author Ephron and others NORAS
Aviated FLEW
Beginning on ASOF
Blogger, for one WRITER
Bride's attendant MAIDOFHONOR
Channel with 'Anderson Cooper 360°' CNN
Clean, as a floor WETMOP
Commedia dell'___ ARTE
Cry from a crow's-nest LANDHO
Curry ingredient CUMIN
Divan SOFA
Electronic storage device CDROM
Elvis's 'Blue ___ Shoes' SUEDE
Enrollee at 56-Across CADET
Equipment in badminton and fishing NET
Excite KEYUP
Fashionable again RETRO
Fashionable Christian DIOR
Father and victim of Oedipus LAIUS
First small bite TASTE
Get a closer look, as with a camera ZOOMIN
Grand ___ (annual race) PRIX
Hip '60s types MODS
Hoopla ADO
Initials for 56-Across USMA
It's scanned at checkout: Abbr. UPC
Ivan, Nicholas and Peter CZARS
Jug band instrument KAZOO
Clues Answers
Keenness of mind ACUMEN
Leering sort OGLER
Like llamas and Incas ANDEAN
Look up to ADMIRE
Low-voiced singers BASSI
Made a choice OPTED
Magazine fig. CIRC
Mean-spirited NASTY
Military denial NOSIR
Modus operandi WAY
Molten tar, e.g. GOO
Noah's boat ARK
Not an accidental fire ARSON
Padres and Pirates, informally NLERS
Pan-fry SAUTE
Play lightly, as a guitar STRUM
Poem with exactly 17 syllables HAIKU
Rifle attachment SCOPE
River of Flanders YSER
Riyadh resident SAUDI
Saintly glow HALO
Sanctuary ASYLUM
Sax type ALTO
School whose motto consists of the last words of 17-, 25- and 45-Across WESTPOINT
Scottish landowner LAIRD
Scruff NAPE
Serving on a jury, e.g. CIVICDUTY
Start of D.C.'s ZIP codes or area code TWO
Sudden military action RAID
Take in or let out ALTER
Take ___ at (try) ASTAB
Thingamajig GIZMO
Tina of '30 Rock' FEY
Under the weather ILL
Unlock, in verse OPE
W.W. II foe, with 'the' AXIS
___ Lanka SRI