New York Times - May 29 2011

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Clues Answers
'Can't argue there' TRUE
'Dies ___' IRAE
'Hells Bells' band ACDC
'Holy mackerel!' MAN
'I'm outta here!' SEEYA
'The original sneaker' sloganeer KEDS
'We've waited long enough!' ITSTIME
'Whoopee!' OHBOY
A, in Amiens UNE
Actress Gardner AVA
Actress Ward SELA
All-weather resort amenity HEATEDIN
Apathetic reactions EHS
Argument ender QED
Assn. ORG
Author R. L. ___ STINE
Author Tan and others AMYS
Auto security feature POWER
Back on the ranch? ERO
Backwoods RURAL
Bajillion TON
Bajillions ALOT
Blue-green TEAL
Brie exterior RIND
Burrowing arthropods TRAP
Bygone missile with a tribal name NAVAHO
Canal part LOCK
Capital of Zaire? ZEE
Carrier to Ben-Gurion ELAL
Chair toted on poles SEDAN
Cherish PRIZE
Chrysler 300, e.g. FOUR
Classic Alfa Romeo roadsters SPIDERS
Colosseum entrance, e.g. ARCHED
Compatriot ALLY
Conductor in a white turtleneck OZAWA
Cop squad in 'Monk': Abbr. SFPD
Cornerstone abbr. ESTD
Country that disappeared in '91 USSR
Course after trig CALC
Creator of Genesis SEGA
Daily talk show beginning in 2005 MARTHA
Dazed and confused ATALOSS
Demander of special treatment DIVA
Diamond stat RBI
Diminish WANE
Do, by all accounts APPEARTO
Done for, finito, kaput DEADASA
Drag wrap BOA
Elands, to lions PREY
Emilio of fashion PUCCI
Exceptionally WAY
Execute perfectly NAIL
Fan setting LOW
Fifth-century pope STLEO
Filtered stuff SPAM
Firmed up SET
Funny Caroline RHEA
Go after SUE
Go canvassing, say RING
Gossipy Smith LIZ
Happen again RECUR
Harsh pronouncement from a judge NOBAIL
Headaches WOES
Herbert Hoover and Richard Nixon, e.g. QUAKERS
Hilton or Westin welcomer HOTEL
Hit 2011 animated film RIO
Hockey fake-outs DEKES
Hold 'em declaration IRAISE
Home to the sport of hurling EIRE
How olives may be packed INOIL
How-to unit STEP
Hush-hush powwow CLOSED
I love, to Luis AMO
Involuntary extension of troop tours BACK
Is for you? ARE
It may be touch-screen MENU
It rarely has more than one part HAIR
It rolls on a Rolls TYRE
Italian appetizer, literally 'little toasts' CROSTINI
Its winner beats the loser with a stick POOL
Java JOE
Keeping under glass, e.g. ENCASING
Clues Answers
Knock off SLAY
Less sophisticated NAIVER
Lid problem STYE
Light in a floodlight ARCLAMP
Light reflector PRISM
Linear, for short ONED
Literary duelist ARAMIS
Literary paradise AVALON
Macy's logo feature REDSTAR
Mashed, e.g. SIDE
Mine blower TNT
Missouri River native OTOE
Moolah KALE
Muse for Whitman ERATO
Musician Brian ENO
Muslim trek HAJJ
Neuter SPAY
Nimble SPRY
Niño producer MADRE
Noel starter OCOME
Nothin' NADA
Off the shore ASEA
One in a line at J.F.K. or La Guardia NYCTAXI
One of TV's Clampetts JED
Opening letters ABCD
P.O. box, e.g. ADDR
Parade paths: Abbr. RTES
Parks in a bus ROSA
Parting of the Pacific? ALOHA
Partner of whistles BELLS
Petty manipulations GAMES
Photog's choice SLR
Place to buy tkts. STN
Portable cutter SABERSAW
Practiced actively PLIED
Pre-C.I.A. grp. OSS
Pre-sneeze sounds AHS
Pub order DRAFT
Pueblo vessel OLLA
Pull in EARN
Pushed (aside) SHUNTED
Quite a tale EPIC
Repeating heart monitor sound BIP
Rewrite history, in a way LIE
Rice pad DORM
Rules, quickly REGS
Run, as an exhibit CURATE
Runs (around), informally BOPS
Santa ___ ANA
Satisfying MEETING
Secretary of state under Carter VANCE
Seinfeld vis-à-vis Kramer NEXT
Sen. McCain's alma mater USNA
Show a bit of courtesy (for) HOLDTHE
Shrub used in dyeing ANIL
Singer Redding OTIS
Some fun in the sun OUT
Some Nissan cars MAXIMAS
Some of them are turnoffs: Abbr. RDS
Spring (from) STEM
Sticks up ROBS
Suffix on fruit names ADE
Suffix with exist ENCE
Suffix with senior ITIS
Superlative suffix EST
Surfeit CLOY
Surround ENVELOP
Teaser on party fliers WINA
Tennis's Arthur ASHE
Treat in Torino GELATO
Turn away AVERT
Under debate ATISSUE
Unexpressed LATENT
Univ., e.g. SCH
Unprincipled AMORAL
Unwrap OPEN
UPS drop-off site, often FRONT
UV index monitor EPA
W.W. II beach craft LST
Walloped HARDHIT
What sgts. turn in at HQ's RPTS
[See blurb] EMERSON
___ Minor URSA
___-Magnon CRO