The A.V Club - May 18 2011

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Clues Answers
'2012' actress Amanda PEET
'Attack, boy!' SICEM
'Don't fuck with me right now' IMMAD
'Dude, you're gettin' a ___!' (old computer ad phrase) DELL
'Egads!' ACK
'Girls Girls Girls' band, corrected? MOTLEYCREW
'Gotcha' ISEE
'Hey Ya' band, corrected? OUTCAST
'I'm a Believer' band, corrected? THEMONKEYS
'No choice' IGOTTA
'Nookie' band, corrected? LIMPBISCUIT
'Open a window!' IMHOT
'Pour Some Sugar on Me' band, corrected? DEAFLEOPARD
'That's not fair' CMON
'The ___ World' REAL
'To recap...' INSUM
'___ Suave' RICO
1981 royal wedding figure LADYDI
1992 Kris Kross hit JUMP
1995 animated film set in Alaska BALTO
A Palin TRIG
Abbr. on an abbr. list ETAL
African nation with a green, yellow, and red flag MALI
Arafat's gp., once PLO
Away from the wind, to a seafarer ALEE
Barely ahead UPONE
Be quietly pissed STEW
Bond's debut DRNO
Bush and Gore, e.g. NOUNS
Dangerous snakes RATTLERS
Devilish character in 'Guitar Hero' LOU
Dodge model RAM
Every day, say OFTEN
Excite AMPUP
First name in scents ESTEE
Clues Answers
Former Vegas hotel, with 'The' SANDS
Funny ___ (horse that just missed the Triple Crown in 2003) CIDE
Gas leak? FART
Girl in the lonelygirl15 videos BREE
God with a python APOLLO
Hard to find RARE
Hero's pursuit GLORY
Honors, as a promise KEEPSTO
Italian wine region ASTI
Jason Bourne's creator LUDLUM
Jason in Kevin Smith movies LEE
Joke bridge SEGUE
Kagan of the highest court in the land ELENA
Last word of a Burns poem title SYNE
Letters before 'Equal Housing Lender' FDIC
Lowlife SCUM
Melmac alien ALF
More daft LOOPIER
MS receivers EDS
Out of control AMOK
Part of an in-person dedication TOYOU
Put (away) SALT
Really, really good FIRSTRATE
Refrigerator or shoe issue SMELL
Regarding ASTO
Ship marking WATERLINE
Shrinking Asian sea ARAL
Sony brand discontinued in 2006 AIWA
Spanish spits of land ISLAS
Spanish wine region RIOJA
Two-syllable feet IAMBS
Unlock, in poetry OPE
Utah's 'Family City USA' OREM
Verizon, for example, for short TELCO
Whacks OFFS
Win easily ROLL
___ Reade (NYC drugstore chain) DUANE