New York Times - May 11 2011

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Clues Answers
'A Clockwork Orange' narrator ALEX
'Because I felt like it' NOREASON
'Both work for me' EITHER
'Now I see!' AHA
'The Black ___' (2006 film) DAHLIA
'You'll enjoy this' ITSFUN
'___ man walks into a bar ...' SOA
26-Across, e.g. SEDAN
Alvy's love interest in a Woody Allen film ANNIE
Architect Saarinen EERO
Babycakes DEAR
Blue-collar worker PROLE
Cam button REC
Cephalopod known for its shell NAUTILUS
Chem. or biol. SCI
Cochlea locale INNEREAR
Cornerstone abbr. ESTD
Father-and-daughter boxers ALIS
Food with a heart ARTICHOKE
Glass behind a radio microphone IRA
Greek letter associated with the 33-Across PHI
Have dinner at home EATIN
Heavy cart DRAY
Homo sapiens, e.g. LATIN
Honolulu's ___ Palace IOLANI
Itsy-bitsy bit IOTA
Knuckle-head move? NOOGIE
Leonardo of ___ (mathematician who wrote about the 33-Across) PISA
Like much Schoenberg music ATONAL
Like oddly conjugated verbs: Abbr. IRR
Link with TIETO
Mathematical sequence related to a pattern found in a 17-, 29-, 42- or 58-Across, informally FIBONACCISERIES
Merit EARN
Midsize Kia OPTIMA
Miguel's Mrs. SRA
Mocking looks SNEERS
More pleasant NICER
Clues Answers
N.B.A. player/manager Danny AINGE
Night of poetry EEN
No longer able to shoot DISARMED
No. after a no. EXT
Old-time crooner Julius LAROSA
Out of kilter AWRY
Pacify CALM
Paper orders REAMS
Pestered NAGGED
Pipe part STEM
Popular online lectures about 'ideas worth spreading' TEDTALKS
Pres., e.g. LDR
Pumpernickel grain RYE
Razor brand ATRA
Razzle-dazzle ECLAT
Ring around a rim TIRE
Said aloud ORAL
Sauce that's made 'Old World Style' RAGU
Sayings of Jesus LOGIA
Scroll storers ARKS
Ship-to-ship communication AHOY
Short row SPAT
Singer Bareilles with the 2007 top 10 hit 'Love Song' SARA
Sneeze producer POLLEN
Some waffles EGGOS
Sound of an air kiss MWAH
Speaker of stupid syllables OAF
Stupidity syllables DUHS
Surroundings MILIEU
They may start as sandbars ISLETS
They thought C-3PO was a god in 'Return of the Jedi' EWOKS
Tiki bar staple MAITAI
Unbarred, to a bard OPE
Van Gogh subject SUNFLOWER
Web browser subwindow TAB
Yemeni port ADEN
___ Lingus AER