Boston Globe - May 8 2011

Clues Answers
'Gotcha, man' IDIG
'Guitar Town' singer Steve EARLE
'My Dinner With Andre' director MALLE
'Xanadu' band ELO
94 Down's rhyme for 'No sirree' GROCERY
A singing Crow SHERYL
A week's worth of sundowns? SEVENEVES
Actor's rÈsumÈ items ROLES
All about ships NAVAL
Award-winning Ward SELA
Barbecuing site PATIO
Basketball's Thomas ISIAH
Big fan of a food fish? TUNANUT
Break things off ENDIT
Canine companion? MOLAR
Characteristic TRAIT
Charlie's ride MTA
Choice part of a mosaic? ELITETILE
Cincy footballer BENGAL
Cliffside nest AERIE
Clink lead-up TOAST
Completely fill PACK
Cove or bay INLET
Cowpoke's costume concern? NOSTETSON
Davis wed to Ruby Dee OSSIE
Derby prize ROSES
Dog holder BUN
Edge of a glass? MIRRORRIM
Edible bivalve OYSTER
Entree add-ons SIDES
Esai of 'NYPD Blue' MORALES
Fashionable automaton? DIORDROID
Flat fee RENT
Flight for one SOLO
Flip call TAILS
Fox TV host Lou DOBBS
Frustration for a book reader? PAGEGAP
Furry frolicker OTTER
Given to bodily pleasures CARNAL
Goes from pub to pub BARHOPS
Golden girl Getty ESTELLE
Great server in action ACER
Groups of eight OCTADS
Gullible believer SAP
Having more grit, perhaps SANDIER
Hayloft locales BARNS
Heckling holler BOO
Held a session SAT
Hermit in Nevada? RENOLONER
High-pitched scream? KEENEEK
Histrionic venter EMOTER
Holey rolls BAGELS
Home improver Bob VILA
Igneous rock BASALT
In a roundish way OVALLY
Injunction against drowsing? DONTNOD
Insouciant syllables TRALA
Jai __ ALAI
Jamie Foxx biopic RAY
Josh KID
Keep a sub going RENEW
Kin to a bad apple? EVILOLIVE
Knitter's loop PURL
Lamarr in movies HEDY
Landed estate MANOR
Lattice for vines TRELLIS
Long in the tooth ELDERLY
Clues Answers
Lords of moviedom TRACI
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Manual medium, briefly ASL
Mexican mister SENOR
Missouri river OSAGE
More abundant RIFER
More destitute NEEDIER
Musical gift EAR
Needing a break TIRED
New York governor CUOMO
Nigerian region that once seceded BIAFRA
Not clueless AWARE
Not much AWEEBIT
Note on a passing OBIT
Numbered hwy. RTE
Of Hispanic heritage LATINO
Of, in German names VON
Officer's address SIR
Old African empire MALI
Power a dory ROW
Prevaricator's pack LIES
Pro-abstinence ANTISEX
Queenly crown TIARA
Quite impressed AWED
Rock layers STRATA
Ron who was Tarzan ELY
Sandinista figure ORTEGA
Sask. or B.C. PROV
Sawed-off sorts RUNTS
Scathing language VITRIOL
School for Pierre ECOLE
See 99 Down MACABRE
Semblance IMAGE
Seminary subj. REL
Set of top picks ALIST
Sierra Club founder MUIR
Singer about Alice ARLO
Smarty-pants KNOWALL
Snare at a gala? PARTYTRAP
Snoozes at resorts? SPANAPS
Soft and fine SILKEN
Some bout enders PINS
Some fishing spots PIERS
Sophia of 'Nine' LOREN
Speck of dust MOTE
Spigot TAP
Stadium noises ROARS
Tanner SUN
Thailand abutter LAOS
The Eighth VIII
The Emerald Isle EIRE
The Gang's leader KOOL
The Little Rascals, say? STARBRATS
Thesaurus author ROGET
Tied together LACED
TV sound setting VOL
Unpopular April letters IRS
Up-front material INTRO
Volcanic feature CALDERA
Wapiti abstracted by Paul? KLEEELK
What it doesn't hurt to do ASK
Where beasts of burden shop? LLAMAMALL
Where Cleopatra barged NILE
Wild talk RANT
Wired in the 1980s TELEXED
With 15 Down, Saint-SaÎns piece DANSE
Wry country singer Roger MILLER