Ink Well xwords - May 6 2011

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Clues Answers
'Freedom ___ free' ISNT
'It was all ___/I used to read 'Word Up' magazine' ADREAM
'Up' voice EDASNER
'Wrestling Ernest Hemingway' director Randa HAINES
'You bet!' YESSIREE
Ambulance initials EMS
Amway, some say SCAM
Andy Partridge's post-punk band XTC
Bagel option SESAME
Barbie's lack AREOLA
Boatloads ALOT
British soul singer Des'___ REE
Chinese exercise regimen TAICHI
Commemoration of a 19th century Mexican military victory CINCODEMAYO
Composer Béla interested in folk music BARTOK
Country singer Morgan LORRIE
Direction follower? ERN
Dynasty that unified China QIN
Farfalle, e.g. PASTA
Fear, e.g. CAPE
Female lead on 'Frasier' ROZ
Feminine suffix ESS
Filmed again REMADE
Final Four org. NCAA
Frequently, in poems OFT
Fun Dip alternative PIXYSTIX
Gentlemen, in old letters MESSRS
Grammy winner Winans CECE
Gun, e.g. ARM
Holder of leaves TEABAG
How stocks may be sold ATPAR
Clues Answers
John/Rice musical AIDA
Letters of texted appreciation THX
Line on an intimate letter XOXOX
Lukewarm TEPID
Mac interface OSX
Make life less fun for, as a cat DECLAW
Mob activities? RIOTS
My own: Lat. MEO
Napa Valley dweller's prefix OENO
Nintendo brother LUIGI
On display only: Abbr. NFS
On the beach ASHORE
One may be masturbatory SOLO
One-named 'More to Love' hostess EMME
Organ with a drum in it EAR
Part of a Rice email, for one EDU
People of eastern Siberia YAKUT
Pop star Aguilera, in tabloids XTINA
Popular choice for 34-Across, and things found in 18-, 23-, and 49-Across DOSEQUIS
Rice or vegetable maker STEAMER
Rivers Cuomo's band WEEZER
Russian modernizing czar called 'The Great' PETERI
Scriptural 'your' THY
Summary RECAP
Swimming legend Diana NYAD
Take some off the top, say TRIM
Terrible deal RIPOFF
Thing offered every time you go home even though you've been a vegetarian for years now PASTRAMI
Upscale hotel chain name OMNI
Venezuelan treats AREPAS
Where O.J. Simpson won a Heisman USC
You might get one if you have respiratory issues TBTEST
___ Dai (exiled Vietnamese emperor) BAO
___ fail EPIC
___ Saint-Louis (Seine land) ILE