Universal - May 5 2011

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Clues Answers
"Yippee!" HOORAY
"You can't be serious!" NOWAY
"___ la Douce" IRMA
Aid for peeper-washing EYECUP
Apple with dark red skin WINESAP
Battery boosts RECHARGES
Catholic ritual MASS
Christmas trio MAGI
Circle fragments ARCS
Cleverly skillful ADROIT
Complied with a command OBEYED
Cousin of a moccasin LOAFER
Dairy case bar OLEO
Department of Justice agcy. FBI
Designer Yves Saint LAURENT
Director Lupino IDA
Distributes, as the loot DIVVIESUP
Do-___ (second chances) OVERS
Doily material LACE
Domesticated TAME
Exploded stars NOVAS
Fleecy female EWE
Formal complaint GRIEVANCE
Formal decree FIAT
Four-person race RELAY
Glacial floater ICEBERG
Got fed up? ATE
Ill at ease EDGY
Individual beings SELVES
Kimono ties OBIS
Length X width AREA
Like Shaq TALL
Like the designated driver SOBER
Make hopping mad RILE
Military uniform alternatives CIVVIES
Morocco neighbor ALGERIA
Nautical journal LOG
Nitpicky person CAVILER
Clues Answers
Nod of the head, for one ASSENT
Not very bright DIM
Notre Dame niche APSE
Old-fashioned warnings ALARUMS
Pageant crowns TIARAS
Palindromic Bobbsey NAN
Purge, Pied Piper-style DERAT
Rejects disdainfully SPURNS
Salad cheese FETA
Seventeenth Greek letter RHO
Soapmaking caustic LYE
Steeped thing on a string TEABAG
Stem-to-stern timber KEEL
The whole schmear ALL
The ___ (Netherlands city) HAGUE
Think tank product IDEA
Tin ___ (lack of musical sense) EAR
Title of nobility SIR
To and ___ FRO
Tokyo money YEN
Toni Morrison book BELOVED
Toward the tail, in a yacht race AFT
Tree rings indication AGE
Unfinished dollar sign ESS
Wang of wedding wear VERA
Wanted poster acronym AKA
Water route SEAWAY
Went head-to-head with RIVALED
What platypuses lay EGGS
Where the iris is UVEA
Windpipe, for one AIRWAY
Winning margin? NOSE
Wintertime in D.C. EST
Woodwind instruments OBOES
Work on a batter STIR
Work on an urn ODE
___ chi (Chinese exercise) TAI
___-wee Herman PEE