Universal - Jan 17 2002

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Clues Answers
''Great'' or ''Little'' Bahamas island ABACO
''I got an --- my test!'' (cry of achievement) AON
--- Cong VIET
A famous film Robin ERROL
A fine kettle of fish MUDDLE
Acrobatic maneuver SPLIT
Afternoon nap SIESTA
Anointing substance OIL
Bakery offering TORTE
Bested BEAT
Bleated like a sheep BAAED
Books of synonyms THESAURI
Certain golf shot CHIP
Certain parents ADOPTIVE
Color TINT
Dentist's instruction OPEN
Director Preminger OTTO
Edward R. Murrow, e.g. REPORTER
End of the question THEYDISGRUNTLED
Entreat BEG
Expose BARE
Fly like a butterfly FLIT
Forerunner of the CIA OSS
Former Yugoslav chief TITO
Gaborone is its capital BOTSWANA
Grass home HUT
Hollywood's Milo OSHEA
Hospital lab supply SERA
Hovering in the sky ALOFT
It may be read before dinner MENU
It's found under a chapeau TETE
It's tucked under the chin VIOLA
Jacket opener? LIFE
Kids' game TAG
Kind of check SPOT
Kind of wave or curve SINE
Lunchbox treats OREOS
Luxurious POSH
Clues Answers
Middle of the question VOCALABILITYARE
Moves with violent intensity, as a storm RAGES
Mozart work OPUS
Mud concoctions PIES
Mythical enormous bird ROC
Nearing the dew point DAMP
One-eighth of a circle OCTANT
Palindromic sib SIS
Part of Maverick's attire VEST
Pentagon personnel BRASS
Polar explorer BYRD
Pot for stew OLLA
Put the potatoes through a kitchen gadget RICED
Shakespeare's mischievous spirit ARIEL
Silly ones, informally GEESE
Single thing UNIT
Slap the cuffs on NAB
Split into pieces REND
Start of a semiserious question IFPIGSLOSETHEIR
Start of North Carolina's motto ESSE
State AVER
Subject for a wine connoisseur AROMA
Summer coolers POOLS
Synthetic fiber RAYON
Tel's follower AVIV
Terhune's dog LAD
The Shirelles' ''--- Him on a Sunday'' IMET
Track data ODDS
Trivial objection CAVIL
Type of copy CARBON
Utterance after a spill OOPS
Vacation option TOUR
Vigor's partner VIM
Was under the weather AILED
Weevil's lunch BOLL
Winemaker's sediment LEES
Without accompaniment SOLO
Work a wok STIR
Young seal WHELP