- Apr 23 2011

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Clues Answers
''West Side Story'' role ANITA
''__ & Jack'' (1998 golf book) ARNIE
Assignment for 52 Down KPDUTY
Bear upon IMPACT
Bouncers, as a rule HEMEN
Boxers, by birth CHINESE
City named for a Tennyson character ENID
Columbus landfall of 1498 TRINIDAD
Common pulp protagonist TEC
Cook up BREW
Cry before taking off SEEYA
Discovered LEARNEDOF
Discussion spot FORUM
Disney remake of '97 FLUBBER
Eminent virologist SABIN
Emotional rendering DRAMA
Fail to follow through FLAKEOUT
Far from freewheeling PRIM
Flips over ADORES
Foundations support them ARTS
Gimlet, for example BORER
Go the other way ZAG
Home for some Inuit LABRADOR
Insect trapper RESIN
Inside track, at times LANEONE
Kid's comment MAA
Largest Finnish company NOKIA
Last pre-Apple Beatles tune LADYMADONNA
Light up ELATE
Made a false move towards DEKED
Man on a mission FRIAR
Miller's leftovers BRANS
Moving-day challenges SOFAS
Clues Answers
NATO charter member BEL
Panasonic subsidiary SANYO
Pennsylvania county ERIE
Pine and cedar ODORS
Porous fuel COKE
Prophet of Islam ISAAC
Pump's lack LACES
Put down NOTED
Reactor units REMS
Referee's ruling NOCATCH
Restlessness ITCH
River to Liverpool Bay MERSEY
Rock that's easily eroded MUDSTONE
Roll producer BAKER
Seconds, e.g. MORE
Serving piece BOAT
Shelf breakaway ICEBERG
Shi'a center QOM
Six-time Silver Slugger Award winner SOSA
Source of dragon fruit CACTI
Specialists' underlings: Abbr. PFCS
Sting CON
Straighten, in a way UNCROSS
Surveyed CASED
They may be carried or passed TORCHES
Timid types MICE
Viking strikes TDS
Viola's alter ego in ''Twelfth Night'' CESARIO
Was a company member ACTED
Wheyfaced ASHY
__ KIDS Sprout (cable channel) PBS
__ vein RENAL