Universal - Jul 10 2024

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Clues Answers
"... psych!" NOT
"Antiques Roadshow" channel PBS
"Auld Lang ___" SYNE
(Hey you!) PSST
*2017 film co-written by Emily V. Gordon THEBIGSICK
*Ali's technique in the Rumble in the Jungle ROPEADOPE
*Class covering Austen and Eliot, informally ENGLISHLIT
*Remains calm KEEPSCOOL
A pop EACH
Ancient Egyptian symbols of life ANKHS
Animal in Halloween decor BAT
Animals that left the National Zoo for China in 2023 PANDAS
Asset for a ballerina POISE
Aunt to Princess Charlotte PIPPA
Bean in refried beans PINTO
Boxer Ali who was on "The Masked Singer" LAILA
Campari cocktail NEGRONI
Challengers of religious teachings HERETICS
Daring BOLD
Define, as a relationship LABEL
Devices for potato prep PEELERS
Ed of "Up" ASNER
Equipment for Winter Paralympians SITSKIS
Female sheep EWE
Film that could've been titled "Frozen"? ICEAGE
Ga. airport ATL
Go nuclear ERUPT
Gold bar INGOT
Granola grain OAT
Holds a grudge against RESENTS
Icy nautical hazard BERG
Immune response triggers ANTIGENS
In a serious manner STERNLY
Infomercials and such ADS
It makes a clown taller STILT
Clues Answers
Jrs., next year SRS
Like most high schoolers TEENAGE
Llamas' relatives ALPACAS
Lloyd who scored gold medal-winning goals in two Olympics CARLI
Mai ___ TAI
Mama's boys? SONS
Mends, as stockings DARNS
Mexican wrap SERAPE
Microscopic, cutesily ITTY
Model and activist Holliday TESS
Most likely to drop? RIPEST
Naive-looking DOEEYED
Notions IDEAS
Opposite of poetry PROSE
Palindromic hashtag whose last letter stands for "Thursday" TBT
Partner of Joel in "The Last of Us" ELLIE
Philly hoagie GRINDER
Photoshop developer ADOBE
Playground fixtures for two SEESAWS
Refused to feel shame OWNEDIT
Sandwich to which an "A" (for avocado) might be added BLT
Scholarly ERUDITE
Shabby TATTY
Sommelier's suggestions WINES
Sound from a sty SNORT
Stir up INCITE
Summer camp souvenir TEE
Swear words heard in a church? IDO
Swell up BLOAT
The Cars' Ocasek RIC
To boot ATTHAT
Total jerks ASSES
Travis Kelce and George Kittle, e.g., and a hint to the starred clues' answers TIGHTENDS
United ONE
Went back to black, perhaps DYED
Where most people live ASIA