L.A. Times Daily - Jul 7 2024

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Clues Answers
"For here or __?" TOGO
"I dare you!" DOIT
"I don't want to __, but ... " BRAG
"Licorice Pizza" director, to fans PTA
"Right on!" RAD
"Shrinking" star Jason SEGEL
"Such a shame!" ALAS
"That's all __ wrote" SHE
"__ all been there" WEVE
*"Star Wars" action sequence LIGHTSABERBATTLE
*Camden Yards player BALTIMOREORIOLE
*Event for social workers? CORPORATERETREAT
*Often color-coordinated wedding attire BRIDESMAIDDRESSES
*Sports car introduced in 1953 CHEVROLETCORVETTE
*Spot where one might find boxers? UNDERWEARDRAWER
9-to-5, e.g RATIO
Actor Daniel __ Kim DAE
Airy lobbies ATRIA
Animal sidekick in "Frozen" SVEN
Apple accessories CORERS
Appreciates GETS
Arrears DEBTS
Baptism, e.g RITE
Before, poetically ERE
Big Green __: backyard smoker EGG
Blvd. kin AVE
Boardroom VIP CEO
Bread box? ATM
Bread served with butter chicken NAAN
Buck's counterpart DOE
Buckwheat noodle SOBA
Canadian flag icon LEAF
Cards, on scoreboards ARI
Charity fun run distance ONEK
Christmas carol NOEL
Chromosome subsection GENE
Circuit LOOP
City south of Yosemite National Park FRESNO
Coach Beard's colleague LASSO
Come clean? BATHE
Common font for important documents ARIAL
Cries during a Real Madrid vs. Barcelona match OLES
Damon of "Oppenheimer" MATT
Dead even TIED
Dined ATE
Dined at midday HADLUNCH
Disney princess with six sisters ARIEL
Doing some lawn work AERATING
Eclipse, to some OMEN
Enormous MASSIVE
Enter quickly DASHIN
FDR's party DEM
Film trivia source IMDB
Flammable gas ETHANE
Flip over UPEND
Follows closely TRACKS
Forced (open), as a pistachio PRIED
Friendly nudge at a green light TOOT
Greek X CHI
Hello, in Oaxaca HOLA
Hero's end? INE
Hospital worker NURSE
Intel analyst's org NSA
Interest-ing development? RATEHIKE
Item with a steep price? TEABAG
Landlord in the "One Day at a Time" reboot SCHNEIDER
Like many cagers TALL
Like many language exams ORAL
Loch for monster hunters NESS
Lodger's expense RENT
Longs (for) YEARNS
Clues Answers
Marches, maybe PROTESTS
Masticate CHEW
Megastar IDOL
Motor home driver, for short RVER
NBA star Wade DWYANE
Nerdy yet fashionable GEEKCHIC
NorCal neighbor ORE
Objectives GOALS
Paintball cry IMHIT
Part of QED ERAT
Parts used over and over again, such as the letters in the answers to the starred clues RECYCLEDMATERIALS
Phrase on some menus NOMSG
Place to check out TILL
Plague BESET
Platt of "Dear Evan Hansen" BEN
Plié joint KNEE
Pompeo who plays Dr. Grey ELLEN
Pro shop purchases TEES
Queen's garb DRAG
Rec from GPS RTE
Reference CITE
Representative's charge AGENCYFEE
Savanna tree ACACIA
Scammer's aide SHILL
Scanty THIN
Shakespeare's king of the fairies OBERON
Shape of a corner sofa ELL
Sheer fabric TOILE
Slightly ABIT
Smooth SLEEK
Some noblemen EARLS
Some tree snakes BOAS
Some uniform tops JERSEYS
Southernmost Great Lake ERIE
Spanish X BESO
Spindrift ingredient PUREE
Spots for bracelets ANKLES
State convincingly AVER
String of concerts TOUR
Superlative acronym GOAT
Supply with new hardware REFIT
Swarms MOBS
Swerve VEER
Taken __: disconcerted ABACK
The "D" of LED DIODE
The Boston Marathon, for one RACE
Think big DREAM
Tijuana toast SALUD
Time off, for short RNR
Tiny amount IOTA
To date ASYET
Tolkien beast ORC
Tom yum cuisine THAI
Took charge LED
Tupperware top LID
UFO occupants ETS
Uncle, in Spanish TIO
Unreturned serves ACES
Venue SITE
Verdi tragedy AIDA
Vitality VIM
Vivacity ESPRIT
Where all roads lead, proverbially ROME
Wonder __: role for Lynda Carter WOMAN
Woodward of "The Long, Hot Summer" JOANNE
Woodwind simulated in "Happy Together" OBOE
__ box BENTO
__ Paulo, Brazil SAO
__ tag LASER