Universal - Jul 7 2024

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Clues Answers
"Cut! Great work, everyone!" THATSAWRAP
"Don't waste my time with this nonsense" IMINNOMOOD
"Hey now, I'm new at this" GOEASYONME
"I knew you'd come to your senses" WISEMOVE
"Let's do it!" YES
"Stop denying that" ACCEPTIT
"Suppose it weren't this way ..." LETSSAY
"The Elements" songwriter Tom LEHRER
"You're probably bluffing" follow-up IRAISE
2019 World Series champs NATS
Big name in antioxidant drinks BAI
Bird on a Louisiana quarter PELICAN
C as in chemistry? CARBON
Canine friend of Garfield ODIE
Catches word of HEARS
Creamy charcuterie centerpiece BRIE
Ctrl-___-Del ALT
Deserving fault BLAMEWORTHY
Didn't discard KEPT
Dumpling often eaten with achar MOMO
Extend a lease RENEW
Feminine shoes with straps SLINGBACKS
Fuel additive letters STP
Fuel from a station GAS
Furtively walks SIDLES
Goat's cry MAA
Gore and Green, for two ALS
Green Party leader Stein JILL
High key? ESC
Hunter's garb, briefly CAMO
Journalistic intro LEDE
Kidded around JOKED
Lab helpers, for short TAS
Large concert venue ARENA
Late hours, in advertising NITE
Less, to a minimalist MORE
Clues Answers
Like a passionate fan AVID
Like granola bars OATY
Many break in the summer WATERBALLOONS
MLB legend Ripken CAL
Nickname that drops "vatore" SAL
Nile dam that formed Lake Nasser ASWAN
Oinking animal PIG
Parts of basketball hoops NETS
Photo taken from above AERIALSHOT
Photos PICS
Regenerist skin care brand OLAY
Room to maneuver LEEWAY
Ruckus ADO
Soccer star Stina Blackstenius, for one SWEDE
Sounds of disapproval TSKS
Stylish CHIC
Telescope part LENS
That guy's HIS
The Beatles' "___ Madonna" LADY
The ultimate catch, for some IDEALMAN
They'll rat you out NARCS
They're pulled out of their beds WEEDS
Tickle Me Elmo, for one TOY
Tolkien series, to fans LOTR
Urge to action IMPEL
Watched as others acted SATBY
Watches someone else's mouth LIPREADS
Where an insult "sticks" CRAW
Where many high-stakes calls are made POKERTABLE
Winding event at the Winter Olympics SLALOM
Zen master's conundrum KOAN
Zombie Awareness Month MAY
___ character (protagonist) MAIN
___ d'Ivoire (West African nation) COTE