L.A. Times Daily - Jul 6 2024

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Clues Answers
"In order to be, never try to __": Camus SEEM
"The Little Mermaid" star Bailey HALLE
"Toodles" CHEERIO
"Video Games" singer Lana Del __ REY
"Wipeout" host John CENA
All over the lino, perhaps SPILT
Baby gear that allows safe snuggling COSLEEPER
Bang-up stuff TNT
Bodysuit ONESIE
Booking.com option MOTEL
Booties RUMPS
Brought down the house SLAYED
Celebrity RENOWN
Chastise SCOLD
Collapsed dramatically CRATERED
Creative gift ARTSET
Deep fissures CHASMS
Dessert ingredient also called ube PURPLEYAM
Did a cobbler's job SOLED
Domains REALMS
Extension that makes something smaller? ETTE
FDR power project TVA
Figure on Sweden's 100-krona note GARBO
Flow swiftly COURSE
Forecast no TEMP
Freedom to __: rights of public access ROAM
French endearment MONAMI
Great heights ALTITUDES
Is underhanded GOESLOW
Italian ride, casually LAMBO
Least likely to pop open TIGHTEST
Clues Answers
Less likely to ramble TERSER
Like many Basquiat works UNTITLED
Like some reno projects DIY
Make sound HEAL
Meals that tell a story of liberation SEDERS
Moen product FAUCET
More likely to win the annual Gerber Photo Search, perhaps CUTER
Old film channel TCM
One of the two major Sanskrit epics in Hinduism RAMAYANA
Prepares to go home REPACKS
Privileged ones HAVES
Product with a leprechaun mascot LUCKYCHARMS
Puts on the spot? PARKS
Raison d'être SOLEPURPOSE
Refuse to help in the garden? COMPOSTPILE
Routinely insured against a crash AUTOSAVED
Sets of slides DECKS
Shipping inquiry TRACER
So far ASYET
Soak (up) SOP
Some farm ruminants EWES
Swahili for "trouble" MATATA
Tacos al __ PASTOR
Takes steps? PACES
Time to enforce bedtime SCHOOLNIGHT
Warby Parker array FRAMES
Water choice EVIAN
Wine gadget AERATOR
You, once THEE
__ nerve SCIATIC