L.A. Times Daily - Jul 5 2024

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Clues Answers
"Allahu __" AKBAR
"Cathy" cry ACK
"I knew it!" AHA
"I May Destroy You" star Michaela COEL
"Impressive!" WOW
"My turn next?" CANI
"You __ me!" OWE
Advanced degs PHDS
Athlete making a living in alleys PROBOWLER
Atmosphere AURA
Basic structure, or what a 19-, 24-, 40-, and 52-Across do? FRAMEWORK
Big-budget flicks EPICS
Bird that can make tools CROW
Bit of ink TAT
Coffee Meets Bagel alternative HINGE
College building HALL
Common allergen DANDER
Cut covered with a Bluey bandage, e.g OWIE
Denver dish OMELET
Disquietude UNEASE
Do some character-building? WRITE
Employ USE
Gold, in Spanish ORO
Goofs ERRS
Granite State sch UNH
Group chat fodder MEMES
Had the guts DARED
Half a "Lion King" phrase MATATA
Has as a salary MAKES
Hot shots? ESPRESSOS
Husky's hair FUR
Inactive IDLE
Is stunned REELS
Kung __ chicken PAO
Largest U.S. union NEA
Leave empty VACATE
Leslie's love on "Parks and Rec" BEN
Letters before Q? TAB
Marathon need ENDURANCE
Clues Answers
Member of the third-largest religious group HINDU
Nocturnal hunters OWLS
One who might have a ram beau EWE
Orange puff CHEETO
Overpraise ADULATE
PC accessories MICE
Poet Mahmoud who wrote the Palestinian Declaration of Independence DARWISH
Poetic contraction TIS
Polished off ATE
Post production PAPER
Post-workout afflictions ACHES
Powerhouse of women's soccer USA
Praetor's wrap TOGA
Prefix with pessimist or Panamanian AFRO
Professional who calls the shots MOVIEDIRECTOR
Professional whose website might have a contact page? OPTICIAN
Questionable, for short SUS
Robs of hobnobbing SHUNS
Rodent in a study LABRAT
Screen type LCD
Shed occupant MOWER
Silenced ONMUTE
Some notes SHARPS
Some WNBA fouls TECHS
Spidey's traps WEBS
Spit take sound PFFT
Split apart SUNDER
Stench ODOR
Stores up AMASSES
Tabletop game with campaigns, for short DND
Taken aback ALARMED
Tease RIB
To opposite FRO
Tool for cutting spearing holes ICESAW
Use a fork, say TUNE
Vietnamese New Year TET
W.E.B. who wrote "The Souls of Black Folk" DUBOIS
__ mode ALA