L.A. Times Daily - Jul 4 2024

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Clues Answers
"Anyone __?" ELSE
"Bring it on!" LETSDOTHIS
"Kapow!" WHAM
"lol 2 funny" HAHA
"Yeah, there is a resemblance there" ISEEIT
Above, in Augsburg UBER
Anaheim team, to fans HALOS
Anxious feeling UNEASE
Artificial surface sports injury TURFTOE
Big Board abbr NYSE
Bird in the National Audubon Society logo EGRET
Change the locks? SNIP
Chaotic situation MESS
Condition often treated with ERP OCD
Cronies PALS
Dice toss style named after a "Hamlet" jester? YORICKROLL
Dict. entry DEF
Dollar alternative AVIS
Fall apart, as plans GOAWRY
First calendario page ENERO
Flower at the center of a financial bubble in the 1630s TULIP
Gives the cold shoulder to SNUBS
Gym count REPS
Hatha to Ashtanga? YOGASRANGE
Headlight part LENS
Heart charts, for short ECGS
Icicle holder EAVE
In flight ALOFT
Insta, X, TikTok, etc., informally SOCIALS
Is worth it PAYS
It's right there on the map! EAST
Italian lake LAGO
James of "The White Lotus" THEO
Java spot ASIA
Jump ahead of LEAPFROG
Lena of "The Reader" OLIN
Clues Answers
Like an easy job CUSHY
Like Boo Boo and Smokey URSINE
Like the number eight, in China LUCKY
Marshy habitat WETLAND
Mercedes luxury line ECLASS
Mother of Clytemnestra LEDA
Mournful verse ELEGY
Moved stealthily SLUNK
NCAA champion swimmer Thomas LIA
Not good at all EVIL
One-person project SOLOACT
Operated RAN
Overthrow, e.g ERROR
Party with glow sticks RAVE
Play things SETS
Regret RUE
Reusable shopping bag TOTE
Runs smoothly PURRS
See 14-Across ALDA
Semi areas CABS
Sirius business RADIO
Slapstick prop BANANAPEEL
Start to matter? ANTI
Stir-fry ingredient SNAPPEAS
Storefront sign abbr HRS
Stuffed teddies that look like a green Jedi master? YODABEARS
Tex-Mex snack that improves the performance of an Alpine singer? YODELTACO
TMZ subject CELEB
Toe bean locale PAW
Unit that might be edited or spliced GENE
Whacks SWATS
Wilson of Heart ANN
With 43-Down, "M*A*S*H" star ALAN
Woody of "Toy Story," for one DOLL
Writer Mary who specializes in popular science ROACH
__ Spunkmeyer cookies OTIS