L.A. Times Daily - Jul 2 2024

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Clues Answers
"Abbott Elementary" network ABC
"¿Qué __?": Spanish "What's up?" TAL
"Casablanca" star, familiarly BOGIE
"Do __ others ... " UNTO
"Let's keep going!" ONWARD
Agreeable answer YES
Air conditioning outlet VENT
Art studio stands EASELS
Barbie and Skipper DOLLS
Bird associated with babies STORK
British pianist Hess MYRA
Caffeine rush JOLT
Car bar AXLE
Cathedral alcove APSE
College concentration MAJOR
Conan O'Brien and Prince Harry REDHEADS
Coral island that surrounds a lagoon ATOLL
Country on the Persian Gulf IRAN
Cried like a calico MEOWED
Crude cartel OPEC
Custom band for a barista? COFFEERING
Custom brooch for a defensive back in the NFL? SAFETYPIN
Custom necklace for a chef? FOODCHAIN
Custom timepiece for a meteorologist? STORMWATCH
Dazzling figure skating feat QUAD
Disproportionate, as influence UNDUE
Double-reed woodwind OBOE
Earth __: natural shades TONES
Extra-large JUMBO
Falafel wrapper PITA
Fan favorite IDOL
Fancy dressers FOPS
Greased OILED
Heats up in the microwave ZAPS
Hefty books TOMES
Highway off-ramp EXIT
Clues Answers
Hummingbird's home NEST
Jeweled topper TIARA
Library offering LOAN
Makes minor adjustments TWEAKS
Met performance OPERA
Mountain lions PUMAS
Muted, as colors PALE
Naturally bright courtyards ATRIA
No more than UPTO
One step STAIR
Passionate enthusiasm ZEAL
Pinnacle ACME
Plot parcel ACRE
Pointy leatherworking tool AWL
Prado paintings ARTE
Previous partners EXES
Pseudonym ALIAS
Push and shove JOSTLE
Ragamuffin WAIF
Redding of R&B OTIS
Robes at the Roman Forum TOGAS
Rowboat pair OARS
Run off to wed ELOPE
Scout's discovery TALENT
Shakespearean ruler who divides his kingdom between two of his daughters LEAR
Silicon Valley city Palo __ ALTO
Simone of R&B NINA
Soft French cheese BRIE
Spill the beans BLAB
Statistical average MEAN
Still a contender INIT
Stuck playing the same roles again and again TYPECAST
Transport HAUL
Witticisms QUIPS
Word on a door PULL