L.A. Times Daily - Jun 17 2024

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Clues Answers
"Auld __ Syne" LANG
"Bye-bye!" TATA
"Copacabana" showgirl LOLA
"I'm __ your tricks!" ONTO
"__ girl!" ATTA
Act immorally SIN
Agcy. that X-rays bags TSA
Aircraft banned in Washington, D.C DRONE
App downloader USER
AriZona rival NESTEA
Backs off RELENTS
Bear with a too-big chair PAPA
Bilingual cartoon explorer DORA
Bit of monkey business ANTIC
Blink of an eye SPLITSECOND
Bright flowers native to Mexico DAHLIAS
Came from behind RALLIED
Chapters of history ERAS
Chopin's instrument PIANO
Coca-Cola alternative PEPSI
Column to the left of a decimal point ONES
Country band named for its home state ALABAMA
Couple DUO
Credit's opposite DEBIT
Detectives like Veronica Mars, for short PIS
Disney pair who live in a big oak tree CHIPANDDALE
Do some video game design, say ANIMATE
Driveway goo TAR
Efron of "The Greatest Showman" ZAC
Falsehood LIE
Features of dress slacks BELTLOOPS
Fight to the finish SLUGITOUT
Freak out PANIC
Gave stars to, say RATED
Geico's business: Abbr INS
Glossy fabric SATIN
Gp. that boosts military morale USO
Gp. that boosts school morale PTA
Grandma, to some NAN
Clues Answers
Group artistically, as flowers ARRANGE
Grow older AGE
Harvest REAP
Head honcho, and a hint to the first word of 3-, 8-, 21-, or 24-Down TOPBANANA
Hoodwink DUPE
Hosp. caretakers RNS
Husk-steamed Mexican dish TAMALE
In need of a map LOST
Jazz genre BOP
Knight's title SIR
Land formation on "The Road Runner Show" MESA
Life-saving pros EMTS
Light brown shade ECRU
Like a knockoff purse ERSATZ
Like many an irate text INCAPS
Lima's country PERU
Look steadily (at) STARE
Mai __: rum drink TAI
Marjoram kin OREGANO
Merit badge holder SASH
Newspaper bigwig EDITOR
Not active INERT
October birthstone OPAL
On the topic of ASTO
Outerwear that may have anchors on its buttons PEACOAT
PC space bar neighbor ALT
Quick meeting? SESH
Quite serious SOBER
Religious splinter group SECT
Respectful poem ODE
Rubbish TRASH
Short sleep NAP
Southernmost Canadian prov ONT
Took a chair SAT
Took care of TENDED
Volunteer's words ICAN
Western state with a panhandle IDAHO
Yeti alternative in the cooler aisle IGLOO
__ mater ALMA