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Clues Answers
''Do it now or ___ I'll do it'' ELSE
''How ___ you fitting in?'' ARE
Actor Mineo of ''Rebel Without a Cause'' SAL
As far as you can get from 50-Across ALL
Asserted without proof ALLEGED
Astonishment AWE
Blood relatives KIN
Breakfast cereal grain OAT
Brilliant optical toy in a tube KALEIDOSCOPE
Colorful parrot of Australia LORY
Comic book's light bulb IDEA
Conclude END
Cul-de-___ SAC
Edit menu option UNDO
Elevator compartment CAR
Extreme suffix EST
Eyelid annoyance STYE
Flying cost AIRFARE
Former vice president Al GORE
Hallmark product CARD
Have a handful of pistachios EAT
Hit the horn HONK
Ice cream in a cone shape SWIRL
Impossible to control IRREPRESSIBLE
In addition ALSO
It'll open doors for you KNOB
Las Vegas light material NEON
Layer of tissue paper PLY
Like a very hard bench UNCOMFORTABLE
Mare's offspring FOAL
Material for many things PLASTIC
Clues Answers
Metal core? ETA
Midnight plus 720 minutes NOON
Midnight to midnight DAY
Motel's smaller relative INN
Mustangs go nowhere without it GAS
Natural bird watcher CAT
Nice, long writing assignment ESSAY
Not a single one NONE
Old Glory's place USA
Old-style record player HIFI
Organs with drums EARS
Reason to say, ''What's that smell?'' ODOR
Requiring a doctor ILL
Rowed vessel BOAT
Runs up credit card debt OWES
Salesperson, for short REP
Saucy high rating? (2 words) AONE
See 16-Across (2 words) UNITEDSTATES
Seek to win one's affections WOO
Small part of a circle ARC
Something found in a shed TOOL
Space between peaks GAP
Survey findings DATA
Tastelessly showy and flashy GAUDY
Television cabinet CONSOLE
Try to persuade URGE
Use a sickle in a field REAP
Went at a snail's pace CREPT
Whom fans adore IDOL
Within easy reach NEAR
___-o'shanter TAM