L.A. Times Daily - Jun 9 2024

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely!" YES
"Are you even listening?" HELLO
"Big yikes" HOOBOY
"Daniel Deronda" novelist ELIOT
"Ew, stop talking!" TMI
"Exit full screen" button ESC
"Good news! The animals living under the deck aren't skunks!"? JUSTBUNNIES
"I'm an open book" Reddit sesh AMA
"The Lovebirds" actress Rae ISSA
"Toodles" CIAO
"What's __ for you?" INIT
"__ Nagila": Hebrew folk song HAVA
Abandons DESERTS
Activist known for his time aboard the Enterprise TAKEI
Assistant AIDE
Balance sheet entries DEBTS
Balance sheet entry ASSET
BCBS offering HMO
Beaker's sound MEEP
Beaver construction party? DAMSESSION
Big bangs WHAMS
Bonds between friends KINSHIPS
Bountiful AMPLE
Bridesmaid's handful POSY
Brim (with) TEEM
Brimming (with) REPLETE
Carolyn Bertozzi, notably CHEMIST
Center HEART
Ceviche marinade LIMEJUICE
Chatter JAW
Chocolate-and-vanilla soft serve TWIST
Churchyard peals TOLLS
College administrators who never skip gym class? RIPPEDDEANS
Concert platform RISER
Court orders WRITS
Crafty platform ETSY
Crafty sort DEVIL
Crockpot recipe STEW
Cuzco attraction RUINS
Cuzco's country PERU
D&D monster OGRE
Dazzles AWES
Derive (from) STEM
Director Anderson WES
Does the Tour du Mont Blanc, say TREKS
Finally breaking up with that no-good, pool hall hustler? DUMPINGTHESHARK
Fire in a text? EMOJI
Florida __ KEYS
Former Chief Justice Warren EARL
Freight option RAIL
French Riviera city NICE
Game day tops JERSEYS
Get together HANG
Gwen of No Doubt STEFANI
Harder to hike STEEPER
Harper of "No Country for Old Men" TESS
Hasty RASH
Heavenly glow AURA
Heavy-duty cooler brand IGLOO
Helmet clip spot CHIN
Hindu goddess also known as Parvati UMA
Holiday party serving NOG
Honorific for San Francisco's top athlete? THEJOCKOFTHEBAY
Hunts, with "on" PREYS
Hyatt competitor OMNI
In concert ASONE
In the spotlight for bad behavior ONBLAST
Inclination PENCHANT
Indian flatbread CHAPATI
Invent, as a word COIN
Clues Answers
Iowa state tree OAK
Iverson in the Basketball Hall of Fame ALLEN
Jaunty tune LILT
Jumbo suffix TRON
Like a foggy graveyard EERIE
Like a windbag GASSY
Like overripe apples MEALY
Little pest GNAT
Made an egg into an Easter egg DYED
Made brownies, say BAKED
Man cave locale, maybe GARAGE
Many a Lagunitas brew, briefly IPA
Marzipan nut ALMOND
Massachusetts state tree ELM
Mattel product DOLL
Memorial piece OBIT
Minnesota representative Ilhan OMAR
Mistake a bluebird for a blue bird? CALLITAJAY
Muscle mag muscle PEC
Nathan's __ hot dogs FAMOUS
Nick of "Cape Fear" NOLTE
Nintendo Switch precursor WII
North __ Sea: Central Asian lake ARAL
NYC drama award OBIE
Occasion to read the Haggadah SEDER
Once called NEE
One with niblings AUNT
Online journal BLOG
Opera solos ARIAS
Orange-and-black butterfly MONARCH
Panache ELAN
Papua New Guinea region OCEANIA
Patronize, as a bistro EATAT
Penalty shot defender GOALIE
Podcast equipment MIC
Purple bloom IRIS
Queues up WAITS
Ranch groups HERDS
Regret RUE
Rescue, as a pet ADOPT
Resew, maybe MEND
Result of standing up too fast HEADRUSH
Roberts who was one of NPR's "Founding Mothers" COKIE
Rooibos pouch TEABAG
Score symbol NOTE
Scrape (by) EKE
Shinbone TIBIA
Sitar ridge FRET
Six-packs, sometimes ABS
Small-batch ARTISANAL
Some undergrad degs AAS
Space Invaders console ATARI
Squarespace creations WEBSITES
Still-life subject, often FRUIT
Sty sounds OINKS
Tap location HEEL
Three, in Trieste TRE
Tinge HUE
Tinnitus docs ENTS
Tiny bells added to an ugly Christmas sweater? JANGLINGMODIFIERS
Used car concern RUST
Vegan pho protein TOFU
Venture FORAY
Visibly nervous SHAKY
Wabbit hunter Fudd ELMER
Wax closure SEAL
Whoops YELLS
Word in many a YouTube title FAIL
__ Talks TED