Universal - Jun 9 2024

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Clues Answers
"Do you have an idea?" ANYGUESSES
"Don't leave me" STAY
"Is this a relationship or a situationship?" WHATAREWE
"My bad" SORRY
"Nurse Jackie" settings, briefly ERS
"Push" or "pull," perhaps VERB
"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were ___." SEEDS
"This is the best news ever!" IMSOEXCITED
"You sold me!" IMIN
"___ of a gun!" SON
2021 Song of the Year winner for "I Can't Breathe," or a pronoun she uses HER
Abandoned train paths used by cyclists RAILTRAILS
All-in-one printer option SCAN
Audience response gauge CLAPOMETER
Biscuit, for a dog TREAT
Bottlenecks JAMUPS
Clears the way for ENABLES
Contemptuous smiles SNEERS
Contribute, as to a 401(k) PAYIN
Divide with a comb PART
Drizzles or pours RAINS
Emperor tutored by Seneca NERO
Espresso with hot water AMERICANO
Exclusively SOLELY
Eyelid irritation STYE
Feeling betrayed, say HURT
Functioned as WAS
Gloating victor SOREWINNER
Goat sounds MAAS
Hiding, with "up" HOLING
HS junior's exam PSAT
Instrument that Lady Gaga plays PIANO
John, in Genoa GIOVANNI
Just some AFEW
Clues Answers
Kitten sound MEW
Lays on the praise GUSHES
Like a janitor's key ring JINGLY
Like echidnas and sea urchins SPINY
Loss of linguistic ability APHASIA
Messes up ERRS
Model Holliday TESS
Moo ___ pork SHU
Mount where Moses received the Ten Commandments SINAI
Nickname for Julius Erving DRJ
Number of Carolina states TWO
Pizza ___ (white pie) BIANCA
Place for a traveler to get pampered HOTELSPA
Prefix with "active" INTER
Psychological tricks MINDGAMES
Requiring lots of attention NEEDY
See 48-Across MARX
Shoe brand that inspired a 2023 film AIRJORDAN
Small TINY
Spanish mothers MADRES
Speedboat's trail WAKE
Spice blend whose name is Arabic for "head of the shop" RASELHANOUT
Topiary plant SHRUB
Tree juice SAP
Turned white PALED
U, to chemists URANIUM
Unsavory SEAMY
Wavy function SINE
Way to access a rock venue? MINESHAFT
Whimsically mischievous PUCKISH
Window shutter? ESCAPEKEY
With 33-Down, co-author of "The Communist Manifesto" KARL
Workout units REPS
Wyoming has nearly 63 million of them ACRES
___-Caps SNO