Family Time - Jun 9 2024

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Clues Answers
''All men ___ created equal'' ARE
''Do re mi fa ___ ...'' SOL
''___ Mame'' (Broadway hit) AUNTIE
11:30 am movie showing MATINEE
A drop in the ocean? EBB
Attempted a three-point jumper SHOT
Be a bowler ROLL
Bird house? TREE
Blackthorn fruit used as a flavoring SLOE
Carbon or gold, for example ELEMENT
Come in second place? LOSE
Common white fish COD
Common, easy-to-make beverage TEA
Cow's mouthful CUD
Drive away, as ants REPEL
Dull and droning, as a voice MONOTONE
Erase and start over REDO
Espresso with hot milk LATTE
Follow, like advice HEED
Four-legged friend DOG
Free pass in a tournament BYE
Fruity green drink LIMEADE
Golf ball setting TEE
Hair or shaving application GEL
Harmonize with others SING
High-ranking university administrator PROVOST
Hula ___ HOOP
Irritating silly fellow TWIT
Like a bachelor ELIGIBLE
Linking verb COPULA
Make an exception? BAN
Clues Answers
Marsh plant REED
Metal eyelet GROMMET
New arrival on the farm EGG
Not all, a few or many SOME
Not even one or two NONE
Not that THIS
Parlor (2 words) FRONTROOM
Peach variety NECTARINE
Plant waterer HOSE
Put milk in a glass POUR
Quite elderly OLD
Really bad smell ODOR
Regret or wish to take back RUE
Relative of a bassoon OBOE
Relaxed quality EASE
Second viewing REPLAY
Singing competition, ''American ___'' IDOL
Small cave GROTTO
Sometime today SOON
Sound from an owl HOOT
St. John's ___ (herbal remedy) WORT
Successfully find a buyer SELL
Thing on a calendar DAY
Tiny spot of land in the ocean ISLE
Trio number THREE
Very easily irritated PEEVISH
Vote off the island? OUST
Water balloon-hitting-cement sound SPLAT
Watery whirl EDDY
What skim milk has little of FAT
___ to (take care of) TEND