L.A. Times Daily - Jun 6 2024

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Clues Answers
"Diana" singer Paul ANKA
"Family Guy" voice actor who co-created "Robot Chicken" SETHGREEN
"Give me one moment" WAITASEC
"Got it!" AHA
"I'll take that as __" ANO
"Queen Sugar" creator DuVernay AVA
"Quickly!" letters ASAP
"Scram!" GIT
"Slumdog Millionaire" actress FREIDAPINTO
"Totally fine" ITSCOOL
"U slay me!" LOL
"You beat me" ILOST
Actor who voices the panda in the "Kung Fu Panda" films JACKBLACK
Addams cousin ITT
Artifact RELIC
Belly GUT
Beverage suffix ADE
Blubber SOB
Brazilian supermodel who's a face of Maybelline ADRIANALIMA
Calibri, Arial, et al FONTS
Carol contraction TIS
Childish retort ARESO
Close securely LATCH
Cuban woman, perhaps LATINA
Daredevil quality NOFEAR
Dartmouth, for one IVY
Early show featuring Robin Roberts, for short GMA
Excursion during a lunar landing MOONWALK
Factor in Hindu reincarnation KARMA
Fine and dandy AOKAY
Flying Cloud and Royale 8 REOS
Good songs, casually BOPS
Hawaiian island LANAI
Hugh Laurie's alma mater ETON
Hummingbird's drink NECTAR
Intermittently fasted, perhaps DIETED
Ireland's "Amhrán na bhFiann," for one ANTHEM
Jargon LINGO
Clues Answers
Layered dessert TORTE
Loving words ODE
Mature AGE
Meaningless INANE
Molecule in some vaccines RNA
Nashville athlete TITAN
North Carolina university ELON
Not just in one's head ALOUD
Org. that approves cosmetics FDA
Original Beatle Sutcliffe STU
Parade spoiler RAIN
Pop-__ TARTS
Property claims LIENS
Provided an address ORATED
QB protectors OLINES
Radius neighbor ULNA
Sat. antecedent FRI
See 36-Across BEANS
Sign in an apartment window TORENT
Sizzling serving FAJITA
Some amount ANY
Sought office RAN
Sound of shame TSK
Source of an oil with medicinal properties TEATREE
Spice related to nutmeg MACE
Summer fire sign LEO
Title in Tibet LAMA
Tousle MUSS
Try, as a case HEAR
Video game giant SEGA
Visionary IDEALIST
Wake-up call, for many ALARM
Walk very quietly PAD
Water between Antwerp and Aberdeen NORTHSEA
With 40-Across, a punny title for this puzzle HUMAN
Worry FRET