L.A. Times Daily - Jun 5 2024

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Clues Answers
"And there you go!" BAM
"Auld Lang __" SYNE
"¿Qué __?" PASA
"Behold!" of old ECCE
"Casablanca" actor Peter LORRE
"Catch my drift?" SEE
"Keep in touch!" WRITEME
"Seems highly likely" IDBET
"Speaking of which," briefly BTW
"There it is!" OHO
"__ directed" USEAS
"__ side are you on?" WHOSE
Actor Cariou LEN
Amusingly unconventional ZANY
App annoyances ADS
At some point in the past ONCE
Bar food? SALAD
Bardly before ERE
Chases a toddler, say RUNSAROUND
Chestnut horse SORREL
Costner's "The Untouchables" role NESS
Cul-de-__ SAC
Dig a lot ADORE
Diva's time to shine ARIA
Dominic of "The Crown" WEST
Farm layers HENS
Fingers IDS
Got rid of AXED
Greens over RESODS
Irrefutable statement TRUISM
Jeans line SEAM
Langoustine soup BISQUE
Make yawn BORE
Minecraft material ORE
More than loathe DETEST
MSNBC host Melber ARI
Neptune's domain SEA
Nevada whose mystery novels are set in national parks BARR
No matter the outcome WINORLOSE
Clues Answers
One in a zillion? ZEE
Onetime breakfast option marketed by a 1980s TV icon MRTCEREAL
Overacts EMOTES
Pairing at a cocktail party WINEANDCHEESE
Pallid WAN
Peripheral with a dongle WIRELESSMOUSE
Photoreceptor cell CONE
Photoreceptor cell ROD
Piece of firewood LOG
Pig's digs STY
Presidential warm-weather getaway WINTERWHITEHOUSE
Pretend to be POSEAS
Publicist's recommendation, perhaps DENY
Red Delicious kin EMPIRE
San Francisco-to-Salt Lake City interstate EIGHTY
Sect that adheres to Ordnung AMISH
Shape on a bingo card SQUARE
Smell ODOR
Snappy remark, and a feature of four long answers in this puzzle WISECRACK
Spanish "that" ESO
Spielberg thriller set on Amity Island JAWS
Spot for a much-needed drink, perhaps OASIS
Stage direction EXIT
Stat for a slugger RBI
Style that includes designer yoga pants ATHLEISURE
Subtitle intro COLON
Superhero accessory CAPE
Sushi wrapper NORI
Toyota full-size pickup TUNDRA
Tree with serrated leaves ELM
Trivial objection NIT
Udon alternative SOBA
Unmarried person's last words IDO
Unsuccessful Ford EDSEL
Went green? DYED
Yoda trainee JEDI
__ out a living EKED