The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28931

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Clues Answers
African republic against holding up talk GABON
Bones one small animal from the rear TARSI
Boy into minor sets of exercises LESSONS
Bringing in rein, nag falters EARNING
Cold-blooded type, foreign character divides churchless environment AMPHIBIAN
Dip inside Opera Italia RAITA
Eastern princesses I see rushed into short film MAHARANIS
Either of two OT books briefly withdrawn before end of religious service MASS
French biologist beyond regret when back-tracking PASTEUR
Friendly rowing mate, geek, mainly after spring loop that holds right bit sparring partner
Girl wearing long mac unsettled poor poet MCGONAGALL
Graceful fish east of cove GENTEEL
Infidel quietly once more abandoning island PAGAN
King enters rising river for sport SKEET
Clues Answers
Moderates final section around enclosure’s borders PALLIATES
Naked poke, no good NUDE
Never reprehensible solvers' magazine now defunct not on your life
Newton, under tree, catches Herbert going off seniors at Trinity? elder brethren
Perhaps time spent working with arms race to maintain national service
Possibly become jolly having acquired rounds each go to sea
Result of heavy fall, maybe sort to involve present doctor SNOWDRIFT
Rigid impression surfacing about new head of Royal Mail tramlined
Samurai warrior ultimately in on swapping places RONIN
Sneakily picked up things from kit that's unopened and apparently locked? EARWIGGED
Somewhat cracks tile in dwelling place HABITAT
Tiny amplifier Nigeria had developed hearing aid
Tower made of alloy, last bit secured by drill STEEPLE
Wood, eg, one in North American story NATALIE